Modelling as a Career option in India

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Career as a Model


Designers create accessories and garments and they need some way to present them; this is where modelling comes in, to display their creations to public. Modelling is more of a show off business for a particular type of product.

Modelling is an important branch of fashion industry. It is an art that requires techniques to promote an art work artistically, professionally and with style. Modelling is undoubtedly glamorous field that provides good opportunities to travel and meet variety of people. Modelling is classified into different types:

  • Ramp Modelling
  • Television Modelling
  • Print Modelling

There are several items promoted by the means of modelling such as garments, jewellery, cosmetics and jewellery. Models are featured on television, magazines, internet and catalogs for advertising purpose.

Modelling is a competitive career and requires stamina, perseverance and patience. To be a model you require a good persona, height, good body structure, healthy complexion and should be photogenic.

As a model you get chance to work for in product advertising, doing live fashion shows, featuring a music video, open up an institute for modelling, garment fairs, starting a modelling agency, acting in television programmes and films and more.

There is no specific demand for educational qualification in the field of modelling. There are some of the institutes in the country that offers training and education to upcoming models. We have some of the well known institutes that offer professional training for Modelling in our previous article “Best Modelling Institutes in India”.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Modelling, being an attractive and appealing profession. It does has positive and negative points to look for.


  • This profession is well-paid and fascinating one.
  • You can find great chances to travel and meet people.


  • Due to cut throat competition, this is a short-term career.
  • You have to face mental and physical stress, due to hectic schedule.

Salary/ Income

Modelling is one of the highly paid professions. In comparison to male models, female models earn more. An experienced model earns something between Rs. 20000/- to Rs. 50000/- per fashion show. Modelling for a well known magazine can earn you between Rs. 15000/- to Rs 25000/- per photograph.

Modelling is a profession that assures good pay and glamor at same time. If you are interested in earning through style, you can opt for this profession of Modelling.

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