MBA V/s Masters in Management: Which is a better option?

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MBA V/s Masters in Management: Which is a better option?

The interesting debate over MBA versus Masters in Management has its own share of takers. It is a very common topic that one can see on MBA discussion forums where in Graduates keep both the options ready i.e they prepare for CAT as well as GMAT.

To start with Masters in Management can be approached for by the Graduates & those who are willing to continue further education in the area of Management alone. Same goes for MBA Degree where in Graduates apply for the course. One must note that, financing a Masters Program a bit easier than a top MBA course.

It is a known fact that, Masters in Management Graduates will not be competing for the same roles as the case is with MBA. But at a later stage, Masters in Management Graduates would be compelled to take up an MBA Degree for the obvious reasons like promotion, change in career, working at a different place etc..

Not to mention, the rankings of Colleges/Universities play an important part in determining the better options. The average salaries for Masters in Management Graduates is competitively less as compared to international MBA packages. Along with that, MBA Graduates are a combination of enough experience plus possession of enough strength to tackle responsibilities.

Professional experience is not of much importance in Masters in Management, which holds high standards in Master of Business Administration . Thus Masters in Management Programme is designed in such a way where in persons can step in right after their Graduation or after about one year job. On the other hand, MBA attracts people with a minimum experience of 2-3 years.

Adding to it, MBA programs have the tendency to stress on the practical side. On the other hand, Masters in Management demands explanation.

Scope of MBA Graduates is more since many of them are already in a Business or working since few years & hence accumulate enough of experience in hands, where as, over here persons doing Masters in Management get to earn only after completion of their course which means they are freshers, due to which they don’t tend to earn more.

It won’t be correct if one considers both the courses Master of Business Administration & Masters in Management as an alternative of the other.  A person’s background as well as Post-Graduate plans shall help one to choose one over the other. It is left out to candidates to think over, why would  anyone prefer Masters in Management or Master of Business Administration course.

We shall be glad if you share your thoughts or views for this discussion. 🙂

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