MBA in Global Luxury Management

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Everyone knows that Luxury Goods & Services play a very important part in molding culture, art & economics from time to time right from the civilization of history. They are affluent enough & form an integral part of our very own society. The demand for luxury items never plunge for a longer duration even during times of recession. With this expanding market requires Professionals in large numbers who are blessed with in-depth knowledge of brand management & at the same time marketing for the 21st Century dynamic business environment.

Referring to it, MBA in Global Luxury Management is considered as a unique & popular academic course, aimed to train the aspiring students in managerial, entrepreneurial as well as marketing skills considered to be as the mandatory requirement to prosper in the world wide luxury goods & services corporation.

What leads to the success of MBA in Global Luxury Management is the fact that a stupendous growth & rise has taken place in the demand for luxury goods. Demand for such luxury goods is not only increasing in developed countries but in developing countries as well. With such emerging economies an MBA in Global Luxury Management can lead to a bundle of job opportunities which shall demand for business development consultants, marketing managers, brand managers & so on.. ..

There is a brief outline on the popular Colleges spread worldwide who offer MBA in Luxury Management:

1. University of Bologna (ITALY):

MBA in Luxury Management offered by University of Bologna is spread over wide areas such as fashion & accessories, lifestyle products or may be home appliances. Students Graduating from University of Bologna are sure to get placed in a reputed organization.

For further details, log on to  

2. ESSEC Business School (FRANCE):

This particular University offers MBA in Luxury Brand Management which focusses on sectors such as wine & cosmetics, or also fragrance or spirits.

For more information please do visit 

3. North Carolina State University-Poole College of Management (United States):

Poole College of Management has reportedly teamed up with SKEMA to offer MBA course in Global Luxury Management. The University comes with an option of two year full time MBA, part time & distance learning.

For contact purpose; (full time), (part time), (distance learning)

4. SDA Bocconi School of Management (ITALY):

The SDA Bocconi School of Management joined forces with Italian jewellery company Bulgari to launch a specialized MBA track in Luxury Brand Management. The University offers one year full time MBA while others are 20 month Global Executive Program.

Visit the following website to know more about the University as well as the courses. (one year full time MBA) (20-month Global Executive MBA)

Thus as the name suggests, MBA in Global Luxury Management is quiet a big name in itself. A person with career in MBA in Global Luxury Management is bound to outshine.

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