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While applying for MBA, many questions arise in an aspirant’s mind so as to what is MBA all about. Here we are to clear all sorts of doubts & present before you a flawless image of MBA.The first & foremost question that shall strike anyone’s mind is the duration about the MBA course.  Why MBA? It seems a really tough question to ponder over. At times it is so complicated that, people fail to find the answer  for Why MBA?even after getting a MBA Degree.

Let us have a look at the Top MBA FAQ’s going round the mind for every aspirant.

1. Do people with work experience get preference from B-Schools?

It is a known fact that B-Schools take up MBA aspirants with work experience. Students with work experience have that psychological edge in the interview as their interview tends to focus more on their work where as fresher interview focus more on academics.

2. What are the pros-cons of part-time MBA? 

Part-time MBA’s are ideal for those who have a considerable work experience with the intention of looking up to move the corporate ladder. It is also meant for those who not only need a change but also want to move ahead in their line of management.

3. Can I gain managerial aptitude this way?

The objective of MBA is to extract the manager within you. A manger possess many qualities like leadership, communication skills etc. A MBA program from a best B-School will take the maximum from you.

4. When should I start studying for MBA entrance exam?

One must keeping in mind factors such as how much time one can dedicate for preparation,  as well as the institutes one is trying to apply for. Taking in consideration the difficulty level of CAT exam, an early start is recommended with a 3-4 hours of study routine involved for 6-8 months.

5. What extra do I need to put in?

One can practice exercises like speed-reading, maths calculation, reading editorials on a daily basis & practicing formulas can set one apart from that of others.

6. Investing two years in an MBA Program? Is it a good decision?

MBA is surely an investment which provides financial or career returns down the line. Finance should not be a major trouble since financial aid is easily available.

7. I have a low CAT score. Which other factors can come handy in that case?

In case you have a work experience, make sure you use it well.  Be clear with your subjects & your confidence level shall lead you to the selection in prime B-Schools.

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