Master of Social Works

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What is Master of Social Works?

A Master of Social Work popularly known as MSW degree program compells students with advanced critical analysis, problem-solving techniques and research skills, in preparation for various types of social work. MSW programs are generally intended for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in social work, sociology or a related field.

The main aim of Master of Social Work is to train the students or candidates in order to help people cope with & overcome problems in their lives. Social workers try to prevent social problems caused by poverty, unemployment, inadequate health and education facility, alcoholism, drugs abuse. The candidates are then prepared for  social work positions in local, state or national government, as well as non-profit and private organizations. One can readily use the Master’s Degree for supervisory positions within these organizations. Other options available for them are administrators, researchers, policymakers and planners. Many students now prefer social work courses and get wide varieties of opportunities.

The Master of Social Works Programme includes students  to take courses that cover a range of social work topics, including social justice, social welfare policy, mental health practice, human behavior and research technology.

Eligibility Criteria for MSW

One needs to have Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). After MSW, those interested in pursing a career in education or research could pursue M.Phil and Ph.D. in this field. MSW is a 2 year programme offered after BSW/B.A. (Sociology)/B.A in any social science.

Scope of Master of Social Works (MSW)

There are numerous job opportunities for MSW degree holders in both government as well as non-governmental sectors.  Governmental sector mainly focusses in the community development projects pertaining to health, education, rural development, child, woman and tribal welfare etc. The work area can be either urban, rural, industrial or corporate sector. An MSW degree program typically takes two years to complete.

Salary of a MSW

Social workers generally enter this field selflessly not for the money, but because they have a desire to help people. It is quiet obvious that the remuneration of qualified professional social worker varies according to their job profile, qualification and experience. Those employed in government’s community developmental projects have good earnings of Rs 10000/- to Rs.18000/-  One can expect higher salary in corporate houses and industries. The Social Workers who are running their own NGOs also have handsome income.

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