What do Marine Engineers Do?

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What do Marine Engineers Do?

Scope and Profile of Marine Engineer

Ha Ha Ha, Funny isn’t it, we just have a ship wreck and a cute couple complaining about it to the Sailor, who is responsible for it, threatening him too!. At least that is what is looks from the picture? That is mentioned above?

The reason of me incorporating this picture in one of my article, which I do very rarely is because there are many folks out there who often confuse a Marine Engineer with a Sailor and even sometimes with Merchant Navy.

Although, you cant deny that there is still a common thread (Water) running between Marine Engineers, Merchant Navy and Nautical Engineering. But still all these professions are very distinct and unique in their very own ways and should not be confused from each other.

I have already given a very brief, but meaningful introduction as to “ What is Marine Engineering all About? Click here http://careersamosa.com/marine-engineering/ and you will know, but still since I was running  short on both time and space, I could not mention about the work profile and scope of Marine Engineers.

So here is an article which I specifically dedicate to the topic of the work profile and the duty of Marine Engineers.

Marine Engineering is a subsidiary discipline from the vast Universe of Engineering, which exclusively deals with the Design, the Study and the Construction of Water Vessels (could be any either a boat, a ship, a Steamer, a Cruise Liner and even a submarine and Raft).

Marine Engineering is all about the application and the practical implementation of Engineering Principles and Techniques for the designing and construction of all kinds of Marine Vessels. Thus this sub stream of Engineering is related to other disciplines too such as Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering.

The reason being simple the construction of the any Water Vessels does require mechanical Motors and Engine to move from one place to another. Thus Marine Engineers are the persons responsible not only for designing and studying the Water Vehicles mentioned above but are also for constructing them.

So marine engineers construct all kinds of water vessels, and our present day Steamers, Barges, Cruise Liners are the results of the Work,  Magic and Efforts that are put in by Marine Engineers.

So how did you like the above article, I hope it has removed all confusion in the minds of our readers who use to link Marine Engineering with the others. Also visit our website www.careersamosa.com for further reading on Several Career options besides Engineering.

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