What is Marine Engineering

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What is Marine Engineering

All of us know about Engineering as a stream of Education, which usually deals with the study, the design of machines and not to forget even the manufacturing of Machines both for domestic and commercial purposes.

We all have come across the other subsidiary disciplines of Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering but there are other streams of engineering too that are although not heard of very frequently, but are not less in significance as compared to other streams of Engineering.

Thus there are many other streams of Engineering such as Marine Engineering, Geophysics and even Geology that are of rather great significance, although they are not in the lime light like other streams of Engineering.

So here is an article on Marine Engineering, although most of us have heart about it but don’t know exactly as to what is really speaks of. There are also some bunch of some guys who confuse marine engineering with the study of Nautical Engineering, (although closely related but still miles apart) and Merchant Navy.

So the question still remains the same as to what is marine Engineering? So here is a brief explanation about as to what is it about?

About Marine Engineering:

Marine Engineering as a subsidiary discipline of Engineering is relative to the study, designing and creating and making boats, ships, cruises and all kinds of inland water vessels. This stream of Engineering also includes designing and the creation of oil rigs that float on the seas and oceans, which are responsible for oil exploration in the deep seas.

Thus Marine Engineering should not be confused with other streams of Engineering such as the Nautical Engineering as well as other streams of Science such as Merchant Navy, although these are closely related but still they are distinctive and unique in their own ways.

Marine Engineering is the application of Engineering Techniques and Principles to the art, study and designing of all marine (water) vessels. Thus we owe all the credit to those beautiful cruises and ship liners to all the naval architects and marine Engineers.

According to me the first marine engineer would be “Archimedes”, no sorry scratch that it would be “ “Noah” who had prepared the first boat in the world when the time of the great flood had come to annihilate the earth, which is mentioned in the Genesis chapter of the Holy Bible.

So this was a brief introduction, just a very brief and basic one explaining about what is Marine Engineering and how does it differ from from other disciplines of Engineering such as Naval Engineering, Nautical Engineering and other streams of Science such as Merchant Navy.

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