List of competitive exams for school students

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There are various National as well as International competitive search examinations for school students in India. School students who belong to Standard IX to Standard XII can participate in these entrance exams. These entrance exams can help candidates to improve their skills further more. Competition is one such tool which can very well tackle the lethargy amongst the students. Referring to that there are various talent search examinations which are organized for students. Later on these exams prove to be really helpful for a student in his/her career.

The competitive exams are organized by both government as well as Private Organizations. Self confidence of students receives a greater boost by appearing for these exams. Students can evaluate themselves on different scales & thereby improve their window of opportunity. Given below is a list of exams that candidates can go for.

The List of competitive exams for school students is right here. The Talent Search Exams in India are;

1. NTSE (

NTSE stands for National Talent Search being conducted by NCERT for students of various classes. NTSE was established in 1961. NTSE is one of the most popular exams being conducted in India. The exam is conducted through out India & students from all the parts can participate in it.

2. National Cyber Olympiad (

The National Cyber Olympiad is held by the Science Olympiad Foundation. Many students are interested in appearing for the NCO examination.

3. National Science Olympiad (

Just like NCO, this particular exam National science Olympiad exam is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation & the winners are awarded with Awards as well as Scholarships of worth Rs.8 crores.


This particular exam is conducted by Unified Council. The test is based on examining candidate’s ability on the basis of subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Ability questions.

5. Certificate of Brilliance  

The Certificate of Brilliance exam is conducted by the International Children’s Equity Fund which conducts this exam every year usually in the month of August.

6. International Mathematical Olympiad (

The first ever Mathematical Olympiad was held in Romania in 1959. It is now spread world wide & conducted in many countries. The exam is held annually for the High School students.

7. Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing  (

This entrance exam is conducted by the Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. & is usually conducted in the month of August & December. It was established in the year 2001 with a vision of a world where children can easily learn & understand.

In short there are talent search exams for various fields such as Science, Maths, English, Computer etc..

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