List of Courses in Commerce After Graduation

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List of Courses in Commerce After Graduation:

Commerce is a stream mainly related to Trade, business and Manufacturing and also relative to the stock market, the financial markets, banking, insurance etc. its not only India but all around the globe that the wheels of the Economy of every nation runs on Commerce.

There are ample of Courses and Programs, which can be pursued after The Graduation Degree. So here an exclusive list of Courses in Commerce After Graduation.

The following is the list of Professional Courses and Programs which any Commerce Graduate can pursue after his/her Graduation Degree or Program:

Chartered Accountancy: This indeed is the most Promising and Lucrative Career Option in India. The Candidate after successfully passing and clearing the Degree can easily secure an employment with high pay package or can either opt for practicing the profession independently.

Company Secretary: This is another Professional Degree in Commerce, which the Candidate can opt for, this is a Professional Commercial Degree which specialized in Corporate laws and Regulation.  A Company Secretary is mainly responsible for the overall Supervision and Responsibility of the Company which is Incorporated in India.

Cost & Works Accountant: A CWA is another kind of professional Commercial Degree, but quiet somewhat different from the likes of the above 2 degrees. A Candidate after clearing and passing his Cost and Works Account Degree can  easily either practice his own profession or can take up a highly paid job in any manufacturing or Production Industry.

Master of Business Management: Another pristine and Versatile Degree Program in Commerce, which is indeed very popular and give a tough competition to the above pursued Commercial Degrees and Courses. All those Candidates and Students who intend to pursue a Degree in Master of Business Administration are required to clear CAT, or the MAT Entrance Examinations.

Insurance Industry: This is also another reputed Commercial Degree, where the Candidate can work as the post of an Actuary. An Actuary is actually a person who charts and designs an insurance policy, besides there are other promising and lucrative positions in the Insurance Industry such as that of the Insurance manager, Risk Manager, Insurance Surveyor Etc.

Banker: Another versatile and reputed degree in Commerce, all the Candidates who intend to pursue a Degree in Banking are required to pass a banking examination namely the Probationary Bank Officers Examination, which also known as the Bank PO Exams.


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