List of companies that hire through eLitmus

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List of companies that hire through eLitmus | eLitmus company list

In our recent posts we have covered a lot of things regarding eLitmus like eLitmus syllabus, eLitmus exam pattern and books for eLitmus preparation.

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In this post we bring you the list of companies that hire using the score of eLitmus pH test. these companies may give you a call if you score good in pH test of eLitmus.

  1. Accenture
  2. Achieva Services
  3. ACL Wireless Ltd.
  4. Acme Technologies Pvt Ltd
  5. ADHPL
  6. Agilent Technologies
  7. Airvana Networks India
  8. AK Aerotek Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  9. Ambujex Technologies Pvt Ltd
  10. Services India Limited
  11. Apollo Health Street Pvt. Ltd
  12. Asian Peroxide Public Ltd.
  13. Authentiva Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Authoria Software Development Private Limited
  15. Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited
  16. Browse Consulting (India) Pvt Ltd.
  17. Canon India Private Limited
  18. Captronic System
  19. Compro Technology Pvt Ltd
  20. Consulting Engineering Services
  21. ContinuServe
  22. Conzerv Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  23. Countrywide Financial India Services
  24. Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
  25. Dassault Systems
  26. Dell International Services
  27. Dharma Systems
  28. Diksha Technologies Pvt Ltd
  29. EDS (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  30. Einstix Technologies Pvt Ltd
  31. Ekgaon
  32. Ericsson
  33. Exilant Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  34. GE Healthcare Technology
  35. Geodesic systems
  36. Gnostice Information Technologies Pvt Ltd
  37. Greenfield Networks
  38. GSPL
  39. H3C Technologies
  40. HCL Technologies
  41. Hewlett Packard (R&D Division/STSD)
  42. Honeywell International Inc
  43. HSBSoft Technology
  44. Huawei Technologies
  45. Ikanos Communications India Pvt Ltd
  46. iNetFrame
  47. Informatica
  48. Innovation Technology Transfer India ( ITTI )
  49. ITC Infotech
  50. Itellix
  51. Khushii IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
  52. KM Integrators[An alliance Partner of National Instruments]
  53. Knowx Innovations Pvt Ltd.
  54. KSA Technopak India Pvt. Ltd.
  55. LG CNS Global
  56. LG Soft
  57. Lisle Technology Partners India
  58. LogicaCMG
  59. L &T Infotech
  60. MakeMyTrip
  61. Manhattan Associates Pvt Ltd
  62. McAfee Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  63. Meritos Services
  64. Microsoft GTSC
  65. Microsoft India (R & D) pvt. ltd
  66. Motorola India Electronics Pvt Ltd
  67. National Instruments
  68. NDTV
  69. Ness Technologies
  70. Nous Infosystems
  71. Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd
  72. OnMobile Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd.
  73. OSI Technologies
  74. Proteans Software Solutions Private Limited
  75. Quinnox
  76. Replicon Software India Pvt Ltd
  77. Robert Bosch
  78. Roy e Solutions
  79. RX Documents Pvt Ltd
  80. S7 Software Solutions
  81. SafeNet Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd
  82. Samsung India Software Operation
  83. Siebel Systems Software (I) Pvt Ltd
  84. Six DEE Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  85. S.M.Macario
  86. Srishti Software Applications Pvt. Ltd.
  87. Starent Networks
  88. Subex Azure Limited
  89. SupportSoft
  90. Surav Infosoft
  91. Surya Software Systems
  92. Symphony Global Services
  93. T8 Software International
  94. Tally (India) Private Limited
  95. Tech Blue Software Pvt Ltd
  96. Tecknodreams Software Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  97. Thomson Digital (India) Ltd
  98. TradeStone Software
  99. Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  100. Vritti Solutions
  101. Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd
  102. Webyog Softworks Pvt Ltd
  103. Xproteans Data Solutions Pvt Ltd
  104. Yodlee Infotech

So which of the above organisation do you wish to join  Do let us know in the comments section.

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    I just want to join huawei .I currently work for huawei as bss team but I want my carrier in huawei technical.will it beneficiary to attend elitmus?


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