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This saying stands very true that “Although the world runs on the wheels of commerce, but it stood on the stands of Science”. I hope all of you will agree with it, because after all its science and its various disiplines that study the  building blocks of life on this planet.

Having said all the above, I myself don’t know and neither would the others, as to when did Science come into existence? or how did it sprout, all of a sudden? but there is this one thing that i know, ever since its inception, its just expanding. Initially I remember there were very few streams of sciences such as physics, chemistry,biology and engineering.

But now there are like leaves on the tree, be it human anatomy, microbiology, life sciences, geology, geophysics, zoology, gosh I am running short of names and this does not even seem to stay where it is, just keeps on adding up. Well in this article,  i would like to discuss about  one of its diciplines called Life Science.

Well as the name suggests Life Science is the science of life, the study of life, but then you would surely ask what about biology? What is the difference between biology and life science? well you are not wrong if this comes across your mind? and the only difference between the two is that biology is a subsystem of the  Life Science as its included as one of its stream.

In another words, life science comprises of  biology as one of its sciences or its branches. From the very beginning we had biology but, several scientific and technological advancements have led to the emergence of this field, so much that it has made biology as one of its streams.

Life science is the field of  science that comprises the  study of life in all its forms, be it humans, plants animals birds insects and even microorganisms (all kinds of). as previously mentioned before life science comprises of various other streams such as the field of human anatomy, biology, bioengineering, biotechnology, botany, zoology and so on.

Of late  this is becoming an emerging field, just growning leaps and bounds, having  its applications, practically in each and every  other field of sciences, such as bio technology, bio engineering, bio chemistry and bio physics.

The prima facie preamble, of this stream is research and development, thus contributing towards society, in making life healthy and lasting. Some of the researches that are very usual in the field of life sciences are those such as genetics, genetic variation, genetic stratergies, informatics, metabolic analysis.

The above mentioed researches in the field of life science, have contributed a lot in the field of health care, wth the invention of new drugs and other health care facilities. If not for Life Sciences the field of medicine would not be so medically, scientifically and technically advanced.

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