How to leave your job on good terms?

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how to leave a job on good noteWhenever any employee who leaves a job, creates a lasting impression, either positive or negative. One is very likely to need a good reference from the same job at some point or the other in future that’s why try to leave as much a good impression as you can.

Given that the world is round, one is very likely to meet the former colleague or boss at some point or the other in future. One might also come across former colleagues in the new job one is likely to join. Maintaining a good rapport is highly essential thing.

Here are a few things to be kept on how to leave your job on good terms?

  1.  Let your Manager have the privilege to know the things before hand. Let your Manager know before anyone else.
  2. Be polite, honest rather than being negative. One can explain properly what all opportunities are stored for future & how you are going to execute them.
  3. Once the Manager is intimated, present your resignation before HR Executive. Make sure you give two weeks prior notice.
  4. Thank your Manager properly for the opportunities gained by you as well as gaining enough of experience & many things that you got to learn.
  5. Cover all the pending tasks such as document processing, documenting outstanding projects etc.
  6. While telling your colleagues, try & be as much positive as you can.

Things to be updated in the last two weeks

  • Prepare a list of all the outstanding projects or issues.
  • Sort the critical files which are available on computer & keep them ready for the other staff members. Organize & label your other files so that it becomes easy for other colleagues to trace it for their work.
  • Coordinate with your Manager & other subordinates so as to inform them whom to approach next after you leave the job.
  • Do not leave any personal items in your desk or office. Let the place be tidy.
  • Clarify on how to contact you in case of emergency once you leave the job.

Wrapping up for the last day

  • Return the keys, ID tags, passwords etc. to a responsible person.
  • Thank your references who helped you in landing for this great opportunity.
  • Update all sorts of networking contacts in your new position.
  • One must always maintain a professional attitude & behavior while leaving the company with the best reputation & impression carried forward.

By now we feel you must have got your answer for “How to leave my job on good terms?” Wish to recommend anything else for leaving job on a light note? You are most welcome to do so!!

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