Journalism and Mass Communication as a Career Option

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Career in Mass Communication and Journalism


Journalism and Mass Communication are concerned with gathering and broadcasting news through the print media and the electronic media. It involves different fields of work such as reporting, photographing, writing, editing and broadcasting things.

The field of mass communication and journalism are challenging. There are many options in mass communication & journalism, the thing one needs to do is to give their best. After getting in this field you can work in print and electronic media as writer, editor, correspondent, columnists, proof-reader, photo-journalist, news analyst etc.

Mass Communication and Journalism is divided into two on the basis of media:

  • Print media- newspapers, magazines, journals, etc
  • Electronic (both audio and video) media- Television, Radio and Web

You get opportunity to work with newspapers, magazines, websites, TV channels and press information bureau.

Nowadays many students are interested in this field, as career in Mass Communication / Journalism is an esteemed profession as well as a highly paid one. Career in mass communication/ journalism demands good communication skills, confidence, enthusiasm, patience and ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.

To pursue a career in the field of mass communication or journalism, graduate or post graduate degree is required. There are various Universities and colleges offering this course out of which few top colleges are listed below:

Journalism & Mass Communication is a vast field with different alternative and various things to do. If you have patience and you are interested in working as a reporter, news reader etc., then do go for this course. Hope this information may guide you for the course, if there is any query let us know through your comments.

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