JNVST 2015, Syllabus, Exam Pattern

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JNVST Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Jawahar Navodaya Vidhalaya Selection Test (JNVST) is carried out by Navodaya Vidhalaya Samiti for admission to class VI. This test is conducted in 27 states and 7 Union Territories across the country. This test is carried out with an objective to select the best students for study at JNV schools across India.

JNVST 2015 Paper Pattern

JNVST exam paper consist of objective type multiple choice questions (MCQs). The language of examination will be the medium in which the applicant is studying in V standard. The time duration of the exam is two hours (120 minutes). The entire questions carry one mark each and there is no negative marking for incorrect answer.

The JNVST paper comprises of three sections:

  • Section I: Mental ability Test (50 ques. & 50 marks)
  • Section II: Arithmetic Test (25 ques. & 25 marks)
  • Section III: Language Test (25 ques. & 25 marks)

JNVST 2015 Syllabus

The JNVST examination comprises of the following subjects and fields:

  • Mental Ability Section: Odd-Man Out, Figure Matching, Pattern Completion, Figure Series Completion, Analogy, Geometrical Figure Completion (Triangle, Square, Circle), Mirror Imaging, PUNCHED HOLD PATTERN – Folding/Unfolding, Space Visualization, Embedded Visualization
  • Aritmethic Section: Number and numeric system, Four fundamental operations on whole number, Fractional number and four fundamental operations on them, Factors and multiple including their properties, LCM and HCF of numbers, Decimals and fundamental operations on them, Conversion of fractions to decimals and vice-versa, Applications of number in measure length, mass, capacity, time, money etc, Distance, time and speed, Approximation of expressions, Simplification of Numerical Expressions, Percentage and its applications, Profit and loss, .Simple interest, Perimeter, area and volume.
  • Language Section: Reading Comprehension

Hope the above information will help you apply for the upcoming JNVST 2015 examination. For further details regarding JNVST examination 2015 you can visit our previous article “JNVST 2015, Notification, Exam Dates” or www.nvshq.org/

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