JELET Syllabus Electrical Technology

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JELET Syllabus Electrical Technology:

Kirchoff’s law:

Kirchoff’s voltage and current laws; Star delta transformations – Simple problems on all topics.

A.C Fundamentals:

Concept & significance of RMS value; peak value; average value; crest factor and form factor of sinusoidal voltage / current – equation of instantaneous value of sinusoidal voltage /current – simple problems on all.

AC Series Circuit:

R – L & R – C AC series circuit (no deduction; only the expression of voltage; current & power for sinusoidal sources) power factor; power triangle simple problems.

Storage Cell, Transformer, Motors Etc:

Basic Principle of Storage Cell; DC motors; Transformer; AC generators & motors (No deductions & problems)

Magnetic Circuit:

Concept of magnetic circuit; definitions and units of magnetic flux; mmt and reluctance; analogy with electrical circuit; simple problems

Motor Starter:

Need for motor starter mentioning some names useful for DC motors and AC motors

Motors for Industrial Uses:

Simple Electrical circuit for motor installation using block diagram of different components

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution:

Brief idea about the operational principle of voltage stabilizer and UPS system (no description of internal circuit)

House Wiring:

Simple idea house wiring starting from commencement of supply; using necessary diagram; role of fuses / MCB fault finding & earthing concept

Lighting Schemes:

Types of lighting scheme and factors considered for designing lightning schemes i.e. illumination level; uniformity of illumination; colour of light; glare; mounting height; spacing luminaries; colour of surrounding walls etc

Wattmeter and Meggar:

Uses & connection diagram of Wattmeter – Use of Meggar with circuit diagram

Electrical Energy Measurement:

Electrical energy measurement (no mathematical deduction & description of apparatus) – circuit diagram for single phase energy – meter connection.

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