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We hardly realize but, we should really be indebted to Engineers, all kinds of. Just imagine how easy our life is now days, everything is just a click and a button away, whether its ordering pizzas ,paying your bills, the internet, sending messages, email or playing games. Name it, think it and  you have it, just snap your fingers and all things get  done.

Besides the above, there are also several others,that we enjoy such as our wonderful and inseparable Blackberrys, our Samsungs, our Apple’s, our laptops and Xboxs. Now a days people would literally live off with skipping a meal or even a bath, but just wont be able to live without their gadgets.

And its the engineers who are like the “Other Guys” who study and work behind the curtains, creating these above mentioned magnificent masterpieces. But all these are not invented just by waving a magic wand, but by their rigorous hard-work and efforts that they put in. Not only do they sweat it out during work but also in their education. Trust me guys engineering is tough, very tough, not only to study it but also to get an admission to study it in the first place to study it.

Our dear engineers have to first go through some of the toughest entrance exams such as JEE(Joint Entrance Exams and the GATE (General Aptitude Test for Engineers). This is for securing a seat in some of the most versatile education imparting institutes such as the IITs, IIITs, NITs and other central and state funded institutes.

JEE also known known as Joint Entrance Exams is in like with that of other competitive exams that are held nationwide, on an annual basis. Initially JEE was also called the IIT-JEE (Indian Institute Of Technology- Joint Entrance Exams), which were held by the IIT’s for the purpose of admitting students to 15 IITs.

But from the year 2012 there has been a dynamic transformation, now this is just an common entrance exam for the purpose of admitting students to the IITs and well as other reputed institutes such as National Institute of Technology, Indian School of Mines and other Central and State funded Universities and colleges.

JEE is partitioned in two sections first called the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Although both the Mains and the Advanced being a part of the same exams are conducted for different admission purposes.

We hope the above subject has been good enough to motivate all those, who are appearing in the 9 grade and who inspire to be engineers, so as to work hard in their secondary exams.


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