ITI Courses List

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ITI Courses List:

“Industrial Training Institutes”, which are very popularly known as the “ITI” in the technical language,  are Government owned and run Technical Training institutes which provide and offer technical training to all those Candidates and students that have opted to join them.

These Industrial Training Institutes that are all over the country are established and constituted under the Directorate General of Employment & Training, the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India.

The Industrial Training Institutes are owned and run by the Central Government (as already mentioned), while the Industrial Training Centers are a Counter part of the same. These Industrial Training Centres which are also known as the “ITCs” are private run technical institutes which provide the same technical education and training to all those who have joined the Course.

The basic and the primary objective to join these Industrial Training Institutes is to provide Manpower, together with technical skills to all the major Industries of India. All those students who have undergone training and education with these institutes are eligible to work in several technical positions, namely that of the Workman, Fabricators; Supervisors and Craftsmen etc.

Eligibility to join the ITI:

The following given below is the Eligibility Criteria for joining the Industrial Training Institutes:

  • All the Candidates are required to pass and qualify the 10th Std SSC Board Examinations
  • The above mentioned Board Examination should be passed out and recognized by a Educational Board in India.
  • The above Examination should be passed out with the subjects namely English; Mathematics and Science.

ITI Course list:

The following mentioned below is the list of the Courses and Programs that are offered by the “Industrial Training Institutes”:

  • Courses & Programs in Automobiles
  • Courses & Programs in Civil Draughtsman
  • Courses & Programs in Electricals
  • Courses & Programs in Electroplating
  • Courses & Programs in Machining
  • Courses & Programs in Diesel Mechanics
  • Courses & Programs in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Courses & Programs in Tractor Mechanics
  • Courses & Programs in Plastic Processing Operator
  • Courses & Programs in Sheet Metal Working
  • Courses & Programs in Surveying
  • Courses & Programs in Tool and Die Making
  • Courses & Programs in Welding
  • Courses & Programs in Architecture Assistantship
  • Courses & Programs in Electronics Mechanics



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