Institution of Engineers (India)

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Institution of Engineers (India):

The Institution of Engineers is a body consisting of all members who are either graduates or post graduates in the field of Engineering. to put it in another words it is an organisation for engineers all across the nation.

The Insitute of Engineers has almost over half a million members coming from all fields and streams of Engineering, such as the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, etc. Its a noteworthy fact that all the members are either Engineering Graduates or Post Graduates from the Several fields of Engineering.

The Institute is situated in Kolkata (headquarters) and has almost 99 centres that are situated all across several states in India. The Institute of Engineers is one of largest Multi Disipilinary Engineering Institutes in the World, because of its large no of Members that it Comprises.

Genesis of the Institute of Engineering:

The Institute of Engineering was established in the year in the year 1920, even before the Independence of the Nation, by Sir Thomas R.J Ward who was the Founding President and hte Member of the Institute.

It was formally inaugrated the first time in the year 1921 just one year after its inception by Lord Chelmsford. and in the year 1935 the Institute of Engineers has been ordained by the Royal Charter of Incorporation by King George.

Vision and the Mission of the IEI:

From its very inception the Institute and its members have always dedicated themselves to the advancement and the furthering of Technology and Engineering. Another noteworthy fact of the preamble of the Charter of Incoporation, mentioned above states “to promote and advance the Science, Pratice and the Business of Engineering.

Membership Catergories offered by the Institute:

The following mentioned above are the Membership Catergories that are offered by the Institute:

-Fellow – F.I.E.
-Member – M.I.E.
-Associate Member – A.M.I.E.
-Chartered Engineer – C.Eng
-Professional Engineer – P.Eng
-Senior Technician Member – ST
-Technician Member – T

Eligibility Criteria for the Membership:

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Examination Conducted by the Institute of Engineers:

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