Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

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Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai:

The Institute of Technology is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was established in the year 1933, even before our Country could be declared an Independent Nation. At the time of its inception it was named as University Department of Chemical Technology, also popularly known as the UDCT.

The institute was incorporated with the humblest intention and the primary motive of providing and enhancing knowledge to all its graduating students in the Stream of Chemistry and Technology, but over a period of time this institution, has gained recognisance of not only being one of the best Chemistry University in the State of Maharashtra but one of the few best Chemistry Colleges across the Nation.

Ever since its incorporation in the year 1933 to this date the Institute of Chemical Technology has become one the best premiere institutions, because of its complete devotion of itself to the Science of Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, biotechnology, Etc.

About the Institute of Chemical Technology Campus:

The Institute of Chemical Technology is spread across a huge 16 acre land, and faces the famous Nathalal Parikh Marg. Its not only the quality of education that it delivers, has struck the minds of millions in India and Abroad, but also the beauty and the grace that it emits from its Architectural Structure, that too from quite a distance.

The Institute of Chemical Technology has been carved with marble and represents a master piece of Architectural work. Even the lush green gardens and the shady trees create a beautiful educational environment for all its students that sometimes become stressed out from studies.

Achievements of Institute of Chemical Technology:

The Institute was granted the Deemed University Status in the year 2008, its in the same year that it was renamed as the Institute of Chemical Technology.
The Institute of Technology had also celebrated its 80th Grand Jubilee in the year 2013, with the main Celebrant being the President Mr Pranab Mukerjee.
Its not only the Institute that has been bragging about its contribution to the Field of Chemistry, but also other notified and Eminent Institutes such as the “Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers” which had recently, just last year convened its Annual Conference in honour of the Institute of Chemical Technology. There were more than 2000 delegated and members, from several walks of life that were present for this grand occasion.
The Institute of Chemical Technology has also been declared by the State of Maharashtra to be the Elite Importance and has been also treated equivalent with other reputed institutes such as that of the IITs, the IIITs and the NITs.
The Institute of Chemical Technology has been placed and positioned as the No.1 Institute in India, from all aspects be it Teaching, Research and Development and Industrial Employment and Relationship
For the year 2012 the Institute has been ranked 4th across the Globe in a survey and Research, which was conducted by Professor Jude Sommersfield.

Departments of the Institute:

The Institute of Chemical Technology has the following departments mentioned below:
Department of Technology of Fibres & Textiles Processing
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of technology of Dyes and Pharmaceuticals
Department of Technology of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals
Department of Technology of Paints
Department of Technology of Polymer
Department of Technology of Oils and Surfactants

Facilities offered at the Institute of Technology:

The Institute Campus
The Classrooms
The Research Centres and Laboratories
The Departments (mentioned above)
Hostel Facilities
Canteen and Refreshment Rooms
Student Festivals
Student Publications and News Bulletins

International Tie ups of the Institute:

University of Illinois at Chicago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Purdue University
Colorado School of Mines
University of Minnesota
California Institute of Technology
University of North Carolina
University of California Berkeley
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
University of Manchester
Philadelphia University
University of Pennsylvania
Rice University
University of Michigan
Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University

The above article was for the Institute of Chemical Technology, situated in Mumbai, for more information about the syllabus and the admission to the Institute of Chemical Technology please visit our website, click here

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