Indian Air Force Officer as a Career option

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Career as IAF Officer


Serving the nation is one of the most spirited and strong willed and the most satisfying profession. The defence service of our country is divided in three, that is:

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air Force

The youngest of all the three defence service is Indian Air Force (IAF). Presently Indian Air Force is worldโ€™s fourth largest Air force with strength of 45- squadron and with some of the most classy fighter aircrafts like MIG 29, Mirage 2000, MIG 27, MIG 25, MIG 23, MIG 21 and Jaguar. The transport wing has the huge AN 32, IL 76 (Gajraj) and other aircrafts.

The IAF is classified in to two:

  • IAF Officer
  • IAF Air Man

An officer is a one who is member of a uniformed or armed force and holds a position of authority. An officer is strength of character and strong moral compass that makes them stand out of the crowd. One can join Indian Air Force as an officer in the

  • Flying branch
  • Ground duty branch
  • Technical branch

Flying Branch: It comprises of fighter pilots, transport pilots and helicopter pilots; this branch also includes navigators who fly with the pilot and guide them by using latest equipments.

Ground duty Branch: It comprises of work related to administration, logistic, accounts, education, meteorology and other desk work.

Technical Branch: It comprises of engineers with electronic and mechanical subjects as well as aeronautical engineers for proper maintenance of the aircraft.

The men who have passed 10+2 have a chance to join only in the flying branch; graduates and engineers have chance to join in all the three branches while post graduates have chance to join all branches except flying branch. Only officer cadre of the Air force provide opportunities for women. Women those who are graduate, post graduate and engineers have chance to join as an officer in Air Force.

Remuneration/ Income

Ones you are commissioned as IAF officer, you and your family will enjoy a good life style with an attractive salary package. During you training period you can earn around Rs. 8000/- as stipend every month. After commissioned as an officer your earning will differ as per your branch:

  • As a Pilot/ Navigator in Flight Branch โ€“ Rs. 16900/- (approx.)
  • For desk work in Ground duty Branch โ€“ Rs. 12400/- (approx.)
  • As an engineer in Technical Branch โ€“ Rs. 13400/- (approx.)

Depending on your rank and branch various facilities are provided like accommodation, insurance, travel concession, liberal loan for car, house or computer, medical benefits, schooling facilities and other such facilities/ benefits.

As joining defence service is a courageous profession, it is also a way of profession to show patriotism towards the nation….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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