IIT, BHU B.Tech Chemical Engineering Syllabus:

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IIT BHU B.Tech Chemical Engineering Syllabus:

The Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University is situated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India; the IIT BHU is one of the 16 IITs that are spread across the nation. The institute was founded in the year 1919, at the time of its incorporation it was called the Banaras Engineering College. But its only in the year 2012 that it was designated as the IIT BHU.

Department of the IIT BHU:

(a)Engineering Departments:
-Ceramic Engineering
-Chemical Engineering
-Civil Engineering
-Computer Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Electronics Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Metallurgical Engineering
-Mining Engineering
-Pharmaceutical Dept.

-Bio Chemical Engineering
-Bio Medical Engineering
-Material Science & Tech

(c)Science Departments:
-Mathematical Sciences

Under Graduate Programs & Courses offered by IIT BHU:

(a)Undergraduate Programs: 4 Year B.Tech in the following Streams of Engineering:
-Ceramic Engineering
-Chemical Engineering
-Civil Engineering
-Computer Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Electronics Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Metallurgical Engineering
-Mining Engineering

Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Technology, IIT BHU:

The department of chemical and technical engineering was established in the year 1956 by the Banaras Hindu University. The university has attained several benchmarks in the field of teaching and research.

Presently the Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology IIT, BHU has been positioned as one of the top departments in Chemical Engineering, not only in the Institute, but across the Nation. The efforts that have been made in its laboratories have made its presence felt all over.

Besides the above, the department also has its Faculty and Staff that are quite friendly, so as to help the students as and when. The faculty members are very well Qualified and Experienced having an edge in all modern areas of Chemical Engineering together with other inter disciplinary streams of Science.

Research & Development Projects of the Dept:

The Dept. has always put all its efforts in providing an extensive and vibrant atmosphere, when it comes to Research & Development. The Faculties of the Dept. exclusively participates in support with its students in all the Research Experiments that are conducted, within the Laboratory.

Facilities offered at the Dept:

-Computer facilities

Syllabus of B.Tech Chemical Engineering, IIT, BHU:

Part II Semester III: (Theory):
Numerical Methods, Electronics & Instrumentation, Material Science, Fluid Flow operations, Process Calculations, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics.

Part II Semester III (Practical):
Electronic & Instrumentation Laboratory, Computer Applications Laboratory.

Part II Semester IV (Theory):
Mathematical Methods, Electrical Engineering, Physico- Chemical Principles, fluid particle mechanics & Mechanical Operations, Mass transfer operations, heat transfer operations.

Part II Semester IV (Practical):
Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Chemical & Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Fluid flow & Mechanical Operations Laboratory.

Part III Semester V (Theory):
Process Instrumentation, process dynamics and control, energy resources & utilization, chemical technology, chemical reaction engineering, mass transfer operations.

Part III Semester V (Practical):
Heat transfer laboratory, energy resources laboratory, mass transfer laboratory

Part III Semester VI (Theory):
(*Open Elective), polymer science & technology, new separation process, chemical reaction engineering II, chemical technology II, equipment design.

Part III Semester VI (Practical):
Chemical reaction engineering laboratory, chemical technology laboratory, instrumentation and process control laboratory, industrial visit viva-voce.

For *Open Elective, any one of the following:

History of science and technology, industrial and organisation psychology, intellectual property rights, energy management, industrial sociology, ethics/philosophy and values, entrepreneurship development.

The above article contains the syllabus only in brief, please click here http://www.iitbhu.ac.in/che/images/docs/syllabus-btech.pdf for in depth and detailed information about the syllabus.

Also contact the following mentioned below for further information:

The Head,
Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology,
Indian Institute of Technology, (BHU), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Phone No: 91-5426702029/6702024 or 91-9335660220
Email id: head.che@itbhu.ac.in
Website: http://www.iitbhu.ac.in/che/index.php


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