How to prepare for SBI Group Discussion?

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It is a common fact known to everyone that the SBI PO examination procedure consists of various stages. It starts with SBI written entrance examination. Now a days the examination is conducted online. If the candidates manage to clear the online entrance test then, they are called upon to appear for personal interview & if they pass in the personal interview then the last stage consists of the Group Discussion.

Through this article we shall discuss on How to prepare for SBI Group Discussion? Basically a Group Discussion involves many more students who join together to debate on some particular issues or ideas in front of the panel of members who shall evaluate them on the basis of their performance. The main skills to be concentrated on are analyzing skills & descriptive style. Let us go through the guidelines to be followed for SBI PO Group Discussion round.

How to prepare for SBI Group Discussion?

1. Keep a track on the current affairs thoroughly

One necessarily needs to learn the current affairs. These current affairs shall help people to debate & it shall help indeed in the group discussion. This shall definitely enhance your chances of getting jobs later on.

2. Enhancing your debate skills

In order to prove your point to one & all one should be presentable to the masses. Please make sure what you are talking about must contain ample backing to prove their point then & there. It is obvious that there might be many objects as well as disturbances which shall intrude & create distraction.

3. Work more on your voice & pitching

To built up your confidence level & vigor work more on your voice quality & pitch. It is very important that the voice & pitch are in proper sync. The voice indicates that a healthy discussion is going on instead of any one particular person dominating it.

4. Dress yourself accordingly

It is important that candidates are well aware about the dress code in advance. After all while we are appearing for group discussion we should be comfortable enough to give away the the right spirit & confidence level. A proper formal attire would give a serious & sober look which is a must for group discussion.

5. Be a good listener

Group discussions is not all about blowing blowing your own trumpet. One should always make it a point to lend your ear to other candidate’s discussion. Many a times it so happens that by listening to other people’s discussions you can get a lot more information & might help you to frame your points further more.

6. Take time into consideration

While carrying out group discussions, keep an eye on the time it takes. Be on time as other candidates are waiting & the group discussion shall be delayed at the end. One must choose words wisely so that they are limited taking less time. Try to make the session interesting instead of boring & steady. The spark should be readily visible in you.

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