How to prepare a good CV?

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As soon as you pass out your Graduation, the first thing that you do is to prepare your resume or also professionally known as  “Curriculum-Vitae”. A Curriculum-Vitae is nothing but reflection of your academic potentials which one show cases when looking forward to take up a desired job. A person is selected on the basis of his merit & presentation of these merits in his/her Curriculum-Vitae. Let us begin our discussion on How to prepare a good CV? with its meaning.

What is meant by Curriculum-Vitae?

Curriculum-Vitae (C.V is the abbrevation) is a brief account of your personal details, educational and professional qualifications and the jobs you have held. It highlights your potential and value to an employer. Provide a framework with which an interview can be designed. Also provide a vivid account of your achievements as a student and as a professional along with the skills you would bring to an organization. Although a C.V never ensures an employment, it should at least arouse the employer’s interest and get you an interview call. An effective C.V should be visually appealing. That means it should appear neat and orderly. It should be clear, concise and easy to read. The way, in which the information is presented on paper, goes a long way in creating a favorable first impression.

Things to be kept in mind while writing a Curriculum-Vitae

  1. Make use of very good quality paper for your C.V and the covering letter that goes with it.
  2. Leave clear margins and be consistent while presenting your information.
  3. Be careful while typing, without any typing errors.
  4. Right attributes and achievements should be mentioned and emphasized properly. It is important to present yourself as a valuable candidate for the job advertised.
  5. Highlight areas, where you can contribute fruitfully and effectively, rather than harping on your aspirations. Make sure you are not providing any sort of false/wrong information.

Vital components of C.V

  • Personal Details such as Full Name Age/Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex/Gender, Telephone Numbers , Personal Hobbies and Interests Preferred Location
  • Educational and Professional Qualifications  in the descending order.
  • Career history & end it with a brief conclusion.
  • Keep in mind, if you are a fresher and have no work experience to mention, then lay emphasis on your educational qualifications or any other achievements during the school and campus life
  • The idea is, to present a well-rounded picture of yourself and the valuable differences you can make to the organization, you seek to join.

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    Use tables with two or three columns for your academic results and references. See a CV using tables for modules and references here and an explanation of how to do this here


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