How to handle a telephone interview?

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how to prepare for phone interview

In today’s world, employers use telephone interviews as a way of identifying & recruiting candidates for the particular post. Phone interviews act as a medium to screen candidates in order to short list the applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews. This way they can also cut down on expenses involved in interviewing out-of-town candidates.

One might be busy with job searching, but it is equally important that one is prepared for the phone interview at a moment’s notice. The recruiter might call at any hour of the day and ask if you could spare few minutes to talk.

Prepare for a phone interview just as you prepare for any other interview. List down your strengths & weaknesses, your additional skills as well as background. Let us understand the art in detail.

How to handle a telephone interview?

how to prepare for phone interview

  • If possible try to keep your resume on the top of your desk or tape it to the wall near the phone so that it’s at your fingertips when one needs to answer questions.
  • Short list the accomplishments for the review.
  • Keep a pen & paper handy for note taking.
  • One can also turn call-waiting off so that your call is not interrupted.
  • If the time is not genuinely convenient enough, ask if you could talk at another time & suggest some alternatives.
  • Clear the room. Try to gain as much silence with in. Keep away pets, small kids also turn off stereo & the TV and close the door.
  • Unless you’re sure your cellphone service is going to be perfect, consider using a landline rather than your cellphone to avoid a dropped call.

Talking for a phone interview may sound easy but it is not so when it actually comes to talking. One may ask a friend or family member to take up a mock interview for you and tape record it so that you can see see how you sound over the phone. Cut down on unnecessary expressions like “Uummm..Aahh…Okayyss..”   etc. Also rehearse answers to those questions you’ll be asked for.

While appearing for Phone Interview:

how to prepare for phone interview

  1. Avoid smoking, eating chewing gum, eat anything or drink.
  2. Do keep a glass of water handy in case you need to wet your mouth.
  3. Do flash your smile in between. Doing so shall send positive image to the listener & will change the tone of your voice.
  4. Speak slowly & enunciate clearly.
  5. Keep the habit of using the person’s title (Mr. or Miss & their last name) They might ask you to use only first name then act accordingly.
  6. Do not interrupt the interviewer.
  7. Take your time. There is nothing wrong in taking a moment or two to collect your thoughts.
  8. Provide short answers.
  9. Once you thank the interviewer ask if it is possible to meet in person.

Keep in mind all the important things uttered by the interviewer and hope for the best. For more news on interview stay glued to

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