How to choose between two job options?

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It is known to everyone that, in today’s time it is very difficult to get a good job. There are various plus points as well as minus points pertaining to every job. Very few people are lucky enough to get a chance to choose between two jobs that are offered to them. For the rest of them,here are some approaches on How to choose between two job options? that can hopefully make your decision a little bit easier:

Trust your instincts : Take chances & trust your instincts by relying on the decisions made by your mind.  Your gut won’t lie to you. It’s easy to take up some new job you don’t like much, but within no time you shall realize the fact that your instincts were correct then.

When in hesitation get some more information : Sometimes it is very hard to follow your gut just because it keeps on changing. In that case come up with some question that can solve your confusion and ask them to the potential managers of the company if you get a second chance to interact. This will surely help you out with your confusion.

The most important thing you can do is to try the following process in order to lay out all your option when you are confused that How to choose between two job options?

  • For job A, make four column in in a sheet
  • Do the same for job B
  • Complete the two sheets and compare them
  • Grab the scoring job

In the first column list out five merits and demerits of Job A and give points according to its severity in scale of 1-10. Then make a sum of all your ratings so that you get total of “Positive” and “Negative” score.

You should now have a breakdown of Job A that looks something like this :

Job A (Positive aspects)ImportanceJob A (Negative aspects) Importance
Good compensation8Tight deadlines7
Good environment8Long hours7
Chance to contribute10Poor management7
Lots of creativity9Bad health coverage8
Client contact9No advancement10

Once again, list five positives and negatives aspects for Job B, their ratings and total.

Your final product should look like this example:

Job B (Positive aspects)ImportanceJob B (Negative aspects)Importance
Good Compensation9Large administration8
Room to grow10Poor management7
Extensive Training7Lack of organization7
Vaccation9Little creativity10
Client contacts7Bad health coverage8

Start with the positive factors in both the columns. Which of the two Jobs is carrying more positive ratings. Which one has the better combination of positives?

Now compare the negative factors and their totals. Which offer has either fewer (or less important) negatives?

Conclusion : Using this exercise as your decision-making tool, Job A outshines Job B in both positive and negative comparisons. Now You have solid, tangible reasons for accepting Job A.

If still you can’t make out any decision, then its better to assume that both the job’s are better to go for. So it doesn’t really matter which one you accept since you’d be happy with either one, because it always goes like

Either heads or tails should work out just fine.

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