How to Become Energy Auditor in India

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How to Become Energy Auditor in India:

An “Audit” means an examination or an analysis which is carried out by some independent person or an authority. Thus the word “Auditor” means a Person or an Authority who conducts such an examination for forming an Opinion.

What does an Energy Auditor Do?

  • An Energy Auditor thus conducts an independent audit of any electrical equipments or devices at least once in a year.
  • The energy auditor also submits copies of energy audit reports to the Energy Manager, so as to make a recommendation or any action required.
  • An energy auditor is also required to maintain certain documentation and records with respect to the calibration status of all electrical equipment & devices.
  • He is also supposed to maintain portable tools, devices & instruments for the purpose of conducting the energy audit.
  • An energy auditor is supposed to keep himself abreast with the latest developments and recent trends in electrical and energy efficiency.
  • An energy auditor is also supposed to shoulder the duty and the responsibility to train and educate all the staff on the utilization of the electrical instruments and devices.

How to Become Energy Auditor in India?

The Bureau of “Energy Efficiency Examination” (BEEE) is an engineering entrance examination, which is conducted by the “Bureau of Energy Efficiency” (BEE). The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an autonomous body, which is set up under the “Ministry of Power”, Government of India.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency was established in the year 2002, it was mainly established as a Government Agency for developing newer programs & projects, relative to the Efficient use and Conservation of Electricity in India.

The “National Productivity Council” conducts these entrance examinations, on behalf of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This entrance examination is primarily conducted for recruitment and appointment of the Energy Auditors & Energy Managers.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Exam (BEEE):

  • The Bureau of Energy Efficiency Exam (BEEE) is conducted primarily for the purpose of recruiting candidates for the purpose of Energy Auditors & Energy Managers in India.

Date for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency 2015 Exam (BEEE):

  • The Upcoming Bureau of Energy Efficiency Exam 2015 (BEEE) will be conducted in the month of August or September 2015. The exact dates for the examination have however not yet been decided, but they could be possibly conducted by the last week of August 2015.
  • The above article was for How to Become Energy Auditor in India? Please visit our website for complete detail & information on the Upcoming BEEE 2015 Examinations.

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