Housekeeping Manager Job Description

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Housekeeping Manager Job Description:

Housekeeping is one of the most important activities, or to put it in another words, one of the core activities in the Hotel and the Hospitality Industry. The image and the reputation of any hotel indeed depends upon the Cleanliness and Orderliness, and the way its maintained.

The growth and development, which is taking place at a very fast rate has actually been one of the basic reasons for this surge in the hotel and the hospitality industry. Moreover, the rise of the urban and upper middle class, together with higher standards of living, has resulted in frequent and often visit touring and vacationing, both domestic and abroad destination.

So these above 2 factors significantly contributed to the growth and the development of both the hotel and the hospitality industry.

Thus keeping the hotel in a orderly shape and manner, with pristine condition together with proper sanitization and hygiene does have the power to influence the visitors and guests. Keeping view of the above conditions it becomes the ultimate responsibility of Housekeeping Manager to make sure and give all it takes to upkeep the name and the reputation of the hotel.

Housekeeping Manager Job Description:

The Housekeeping Manager is responsible for the supervision and the administration of the entire housekeeping department or the housekeeping section of the hotel. The housekeeping Manager has to supervise thoroughly, as to whether the house keeping department is functioning well or no.

The house keeping department is solely responsible to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, together with order and sanitization of the entire hotel. The house keeping department is also responsible for the proper change in the bedding linen and pillow covers every single day.

This department also checks that all proper trays, cups and crockery lying in the visitors and guests rooms have been again carried back to the hotel pantry, thereby keeping the rooms presented in an orderly manner.

The Housekeeping Manager has also to shoulder the responsibility whether the underlying department perform their duties to prescribes standards. He has to ensure that he properly administers and supervises housekeeping duties namely cleaning and sanitization of the visitors rooms, hallways, the hotel entry and exit points.

He also has to assign several duties to them, prepare proper shifts and time tables in respect of their job profile either on a daily basis or weekly basis. The Housekeeper is also responsible for proper coordination and teamwork of the entire housekeeping department.

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