Housekeeping in Hotel Industry

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Housekeeping in Hotel Industry:

The scope and the prospects of the Hotel and the Hospitality Industry has never been so bright and promising. With the advent of globalization and liberalization, and moreover the aggressive policy of corporate expansion adopted by most of the global multinationals, has led to the rise and the growth of the Hotel and Hospitality Sector.

Moreover, apart from the above factors there is another factor that has contributed to the growth of this hotel industry and that is tour packages that are offered by all the Major travel agencies across the globe.

Because of this recent trend of Offshore vacationing among the rich and the higher middle class, there are several Travel and tourism agencies that are offering several packages both domestic and foreign, this indirectly contributing to the growth and development of the hotel industry.

Boarding and Lodging section of the Hotel Industry, is the main source of revenue, for every Hotel contribution to its profits and earnings, even more that the dining and the food that it serves. Thus housekeeping as a function is very important to upkeep the Hotel image and reputation with respect to Sanitization and Hygiene.

Thus, housekeeping as an individual section of the hotel deals with the above mentioned functions of Sanitization and Hygiene. This is a very important aspect of the hotel industry and has a heavy tendency to influence and impact the guests and the visitors that are arriving at the hotel.

Thus it’s the duty and the responsibility of the housekeeping department to supervise and administer the Cleanliness and Hygiene of all the Rooms of the Hotel. Their duty and the responsibility also includes to maintain order and cleanliness in the hotel room. Also apart from this, they are responsible to see that all the toiletries are in order and are always made available to the guest and the visitors, without any request being made by them.

The housekeeping section also involves the other functions such as that of changing the bed liners, pillow covers, carrying away all service trays and crockery with respect to the food and the Breakfast ordered by the guest in the hotel rooms Etc.



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