Highest paying career options in India

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The job scenario in India is changing with more & more opportunities reaching out to young men & women.  It is now the age of pre-placement jobs with big companies reaching out to Colleges & Universities to hire the best talent of them all. Candidates are selected on the basis of their merit, skills as well as the talent. These young guns of India are then supposed to undergo some training sessions & probationary period in order to turn into a full fledged part of the Company.

Course options Salary per annum (in Rs. lakhs)
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Rs 6 to Rs. 8
Software Engineer Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 5
Mechanical/Electronics/Chemical EngineerRs.3.5 to Rs. 4
Chartered Accountants (CA firms/Consultancy firms)Rs. 2 to Rs. 5
DoctorRs. 2 to Rs. 3
JournalistRs. 1.2 to Rs. 2
AdvertisingRs.1 to Rs. 1.2
Public RelationsRs.1 to Rs. 3
ArchitectRs. 2.5 to Rs.3

As far as the Highest paying career options in India are concerned, we bring before you some of the greatest & the best options to choose from. Leading in the list is Master in Business Administration is considered as one of the highest paying career options today in India. Given that you are a student from an “A” Grade Institute as the likes of Indian Institute of Management, you can readily expect a pay anywhere around Rs.7,50,000/- to Rs.8,00,000/- per annum as a fresher.

Joining them in the league, the finance sector offers large sum of money. Closely followed by are the Software Engineers all thanks to the IT boom. When it comes to Engineering, Information Technology Sector commands higher price as compared to that of Mechanical, Chemical or Electronic Engineers. Other sectors mostly get 20% less as compared to IT sector.

Next in the list are the Chartered Accountants who manage to amass huge bucks due to their limited supply. In the profession of Chartered Accountant, if a candidate manages to clear it in the very first attempt he can easily get a salary of Rs.7,50,000/- to Rs.8,00,000/- per annum which is comparable with the MBA’s.

Where by personalized services are involved, as the one delivered by Doctors & Dentists, a person’s income is determined by his skills. Experience is considered as an investment here. More the experience, more you shall be entitled to get paid.

Moving forward, with Journalism is the word capturing the whole world in itself. this profession carries the power of glamour with it. Thus, if you have got the nose for news, one can really create a brand equity for him/herself. Fashion Designer is another lucrative career which attached to the glam world & one can fetch some real money if got into the right company.

On a concluding note, all we got to say is, while money is obviously important but do not give more importance to compensation than your interest. One must know where his her strength lies as well as gather the competency for it. The ideal factors to be considered before deciding a career are;

  • Assessing your true abilities
  • Pay a visit to the career-counselling centre.
  • Make a basic list of the careers based on your areas of interests/skills.
  • Next step is to know more about the job, profiles, requirements, developing your career etc..
  • Once you are done with the above procedure pick the one that suits the most!!

Good Luck!! 🙂

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