How to handle a Group Interview?

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How to handle a Group Interview?

In order to carry out the group interview successfully, one must gather enough composure & remain calm. Taking time in advance to prepare well can turn out be a good option. If one can get to know the names with whom one is going to interact, that can prove to be as an added advantage. That way one can bring a copy of resume for each interviewer. One can check the profiles of the interviewer so as to have a brief idea & a short account on their background.

To start with, make sure you know about the company in well advance, it will be easier for you as the more you know about the company, more easy it will be for you to respond to the questions. Bring along note pad & pen to jot down important points.

The Group Interview can be bifurcated in to two stages.

Stage I:  During the Interview (Connect with the Interviewers)

Stage II: Post Interview (Follow up after interview)

Let us have a look at both of them one by one.

During the Interview

  • One must learn to connect with the group as well as individual interviewers. For example, when one panelist asks a question, reply to him/her but at the same time, maintain eye contact with the other interviewers (i.e. panel of judges). Remember the more engaged you are with everyone, better impression you shall carry.
  • As the interview goes on smoothly, you shall be provided with a chance to pose questions in later stages of the interview. Grab that opportunity & try to frame questions geared towards the role of as many of the interviewers as possible.
  • Another aspect to be taken care about is the Group Dynamics of the interviewers. Simply observe how does everyone get along? Their equation while working. what kind of interaction do they carry out? Try to figure out if it is in your favor i.e.positive.
  • Remember, even you are interviewing the company, as much as they interview you. It is important to see how you are going to fit in the company in case you are hired. Try & create that comfort zone for yourselves as well as the panelists.

Post Interview

how to carry out a group interview

A follow up is essentially required right after the interview.

  • Person must not forget to ask for business cards and a “Thank You” Note to everyone you interviewed with. In case you don’t get a chance to collect business cards, send a “Thank You” Note to the person who arranged for the interview.
  • One can incorporate a line or two referring the things you got to learn from the organization & share about your experience.
  • On a parting note, one can mention how you can prove to be as an asset to work productively for the organization.

Most importantly, be yourself & confident & you are sure enough to How to handle a Group Interview? For more such articles keep reading 🙂

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