Guidelines for Public Speaking

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Tips for Public Speaking

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As soon as one mentions about public speaking, a chill runs down the spine giving cold feet. But truly saying it doesn’t appear to be so challenging as it seems to be.

Public speaking basically consists of delivering lecture to a group of people either to share a piece of information or to entertain the audience. In order to enhance one’s skill of public speaking few tips can be handy which can be taken note of:

1.Know your stuff: Try & get a deeper knowledge about the topic of your speech. Try remaining     simpler, humorous, & conversational.

2. Rehearse: Practice along with all the essential apparatus needed in the topic. Keep a check on the timer.

3. Know the audience: It’s of utmost importance to keep your audience glued o their seats. This can be done by greeting them, telling personal stories & by interaction.

4. Know the Area: One can arrive before time at the preplanned venue to avoid any discrepancies later on. Practicing with the available audio & visual aids can prove to be helpful.

5. Relaxation: A person needs to be calm & composed before delivering a lecture. Therefore one can start by addressing the public & take a pause so that enthusiasm takes place of nervousness.

6. Visualizing oneself: Visualizing has certainly got immense powers within itself. In order to succeed one has to start visualizing Oneself speaking out loud & clear, confident enough.
Maintaining eye contact with the audience shall boost the morale & confidence level.

7. Be Yourself: Comparisons start filling the void as soon as someone tries to imitate the other person. The originality seems to lose its shine. So just be yourself. It shall instantly inject confidence to whom audience can relate to.

8. Using Visual aids: Visual aids are considered as effective tools to kick off boredom. It helps in engaging the audience, developing interaction & there by the comfort level.

9. Concentrate on the desired message: The Speaker must concentrate on the relevant message of the topic & not divert from it.

10. Plan your Climax: In most cases wrapping up can be the hardest part of the talk. One can stock for some really good points so as to leave on a high note. Bid goodbye with a smiling face & a warm thanks.

Hope these tips may help you for public speaking. Please feel free to leave any suggestions & comments in the comments section.

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