Greatest Challenges a Fresher College Student May Face

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Challenges for a Fresher College Student


As like school life, college life is also a memorable one for the day you join as a fresher till your final year. There are millions of young boys and girls who take admission for graduate and post graduate courses each year. College undoubtedly brings some very vivid changes in your culture and lifestyle. You have to adjust in different environment, which is not an easy task.

For some of the students attending college is exciting while for some it is one of the most important changeovers of life and feels hesitant on taking in the vast change. In spite of your supposition in the commencement of your first year at college, talking to others who have already made this changeover can be helpful.

Here are some of the challenges/ changes you may face as a fresher in the campus:

  • Strange environment and new relationships: Freshers have to adapt to a new and strange environment as well as develop new relationships. College life gives you a chance to communicate with people coming from different cultures and backgrounds. Talking about likes and dislikes of each other will improve your experience.
  • Adjusting with the roommates: Adjusting with the roommates is one of the greatest challenges you have to face in case of you are living away from home. To overcome this challenge you must communicate with your roommates and comprising can make it easy for you.
  • Superior personal freedom: For many of you it may be for the first time you are living on your own. As you stay alone you can live the way you want to live and take you decisions on your own. Liberty of managing your daily life is an exciting experience in itself.
  • Too many everyday jobs: As fresher you may have to manage many essential every day jobs that come along with your personal freedom. You must have to tackle several complex things such as studying, participating in activities, socializing and most significantly managing finance.
  • Adjusting your relationships: With this new life; there are several of other things going on in your life, changes will occur in your relationships too. You should learn how to sense the balance of separation and connection at college.
  • Time management: You usually thing that you don’t have much time to do everything. One of the common stress factors for freshers in college is time management. You have to manage your time for classes, home work, curricular activities and clubs. You have to allot time for self care, work and socializing. The best way to manage time in college is organizing and scheduling your work.
  • Too much of academic hassle: Assignments in college are really difficult and hard to keep up with. It is very essential to manage it and attend classes on regular basis, be up to date with coursework. Meet and ask your professor for the help and take advantage of the resources available.

On the way to have an immense first year in college try to be patient, talk to your classmates and build interaction with them, make use of the resources accessible, get involved in college activities, as well as take care for yourself to have a productive and healthy lifestyle.

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