Getting into Web Developing

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Getting into Web DevelopingThe world revolves around the web of internet. With the introduction of internet, life has certainly become a lot more easier & enjoyable. The websites which which one scrolls through are a creation of none other than the web developer.

Who are Web Developers?

Web Developers are in charge of programming websites. Web Developers more or less focus on the technical aspects of a site & make attempts to develop its features, layouts etc. They make use of the programming languages such as HTML, XML, CGI & Java. Web Designers are supported by Developers to develop a front-end user experience.

The need of web developers is essentially felt in this fast developing world with every businessman is in a bid to promote his/her business for which attractive proforma of website is required. That’s when the web developers step in to use their skills appropriately & make the most use of their creativity.

Functions performed by Web Developers

  • Solutions & Web Developers go hand in hand since web developers are the ones who take a back up of the website currently working on to local directories so as to avoid any sort of discrepancies in case of emergency.
  • Say it as the demand of time, replies need to be instant & prompt as a result of which web developers set up automated systems to send responses.
  • In order to promote their web site, they register the website with the search engines.
  • Web Models including data models, interface etc are produced by them.
  • Technical requirements are molded as per the user needs etc.
  • They find the need to develop data bases so as to support web applications & web sites.
  • Server hardware & software is also provided by them.
  • Designing the website security & ensuring its protection through firewalls or message encryption etc is adopted by them.
  • Creating searchable indices & renewing domain names is a regular task for them.
  • Remaining in constant touch of the website hosting agencies & network personnel so as state them the hardware & software issues.

Essential knowledge required for Web Developers

Web Developers need to be thorough few of the Certified Programs such as Microsoft Certified Professional Program, Certified Internet Web Professional, Oracle Certification Program, PHP Developer etc.. With advancement in web technologies higher studies & up-to-date information of the latest developments is required.

Salary of a Web Developer

The starting salary of a web developer is Rs.34000/-p.m which then extends to Rs.89,106/-p.m with enough mount of experience.

Institutes offering courses in Web Developing

  1. Asian Academy of Film & Television, Noida
  2.  Editworks School of Mass Communication, Noida
  3. CG Mantra Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  4. Anibrain School of Media Design, Pune
  5. Madras Christian College, Chennai

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