How to become comfortable in the new job?

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Breaking the ice with your co-workers

For new entrants, first few days on the new job can be a bit of tedious & nerve-wracking. For many of them it might be even a first-time experience ever. The workers have to adjust with the office atmosphere & learn the office norms & it might take few days to adjust with the office culture.

1. Work on the Research portion

Normally people must have done research in the initial stage of selection, i.e. while appearing for interview. It is very important to know for which company you are working. One can get to know more about the company’s history & current updates. This shall make you all the more thoughtful towards the organization.One can also contribute towards the organization by suggesting a program or two.

2. Breaking the ice with your co-workers

One is very much into getting friendly with the co-workers around them & getting comfortable with them is but obvious if you are bound to know the co-workers. One can start with simple tasks such as learning the names of co-workers, discussions about the project formulation etc. These small steps can lead into friendship between you two. One can easily find friends in their colleagues due to which the atmosphere at work shall also be comfortable & you can be at ease.

3. Fit in your new position firmly

Initially getting used to your new position can be slow-going steady process. Take up learning new processes, methods, tips & tricks etc. Take notes where ever necessary & don’t hesitate to ask questions at any point of time. Review your performance & setup performance goals for yourself. Doing so shall provide you with further incentive to perform better.

4. Adjust your place of work as per your comfort zone

One can necessarily give personal touch to his/her cubicle & there by feel comfortable. It is okay to bring personal photos, plants, college diploma. Along with that also make sure so that all the equipment & the set up is just the way which suits your style.Take time out for the office tour to get to know about the supplies, dispatch area, inventory etc.

 5. Admitting mistakes

Being new to the job, you are bound to make mistakes. The best part is to admit them. Admit your mistakes & try to recover them from the seniors and managers. Remain open to all sorts of suggestions. Listen carefully, be calm & locate the new experiences taking place in & around the work place.

So what do you have to sat about How to become comfortable in the new job? Share with us your views & experiences. 🙂

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