Geology: Its Significance lost in time

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Off late the world has completed change a lot, we just seem to be struggling, catching up with everything, be it our appointments, our personal commitments, a movie, a vacation. Name it and you would agree with me, trust me i just fail to understand how does time pass out so fast, days just  don’t seem to pass but fly in no time. No one has the time to think about God’s very own creation called Nature and Earth.

Practically, all the cars that we drive, save some exceptionally rare ones are fuel driven, even all our sports bike and scooters are fuel driven. we fuel then and then refuel then and this cycle goes on and on, but do any of us or do most of us ever think that how do we get fuel and what is actually done to get fuel?

I mean all of us know that petrol, diesel and kerosene is obtained from crude, and crude further is obtained  from its bowels. But its not that we just dig a couple of feet and it just springs out. Does it? Is that the way we obtain crude from the the bowels of the earth just by digging it?

No my friends this is not the way we get black gold, not even in your dreams. Its here the magic of our geologists and our geological engineers can be felt and seen in flesh. Its these guys that we don’t even think about, but they are the real men working behind the screens, who should be really applauded for their efforts that they put in.

Geology is the study of the earth crust, its bowels as well as the study of the rocks, which are present on the surface and those that are fossilized deep down in the bowels of the earth. It also includes the study of the various  changes and consequences  that can be seen and felt in the earth crust and bowels. Its these geologists that detect and predict from where could we procure and obtain this precious and non renewable resource.

Geology is also such a spectacular  field of engineering which can actually and accurately predict, like how old is the rock? or what was the composition of the the earth some millions of years ago? and what changes have taken place since then? This is actually possible because of  a process  called carbon dating, which dates the rock or the soil to its origins.

So with many changes taking place on earth and above it, its time that we start digging into its bowels for some surprises too that we would have never dreamt of.

We hope the above given information aroused your interest in geology and if you really love mother earth then there could be nothinng better then studying her in and out.

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