GATE 2015: Syllabus for Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering is one of the many branches of engineering which usually deals with Chemistry, the science of Chemicals. It is the application of scientific principles, methods and techniques in the preparation and the production of new chemicals, improved formulations, managing/using chemicals and even inventing a new one by several combinations.

However much said about it, we should be thankful to all our chemical engineers for inventing new and useful products now and then, thereby making life simple and easy. I mean just stop and think what would our life be without chemicals? Except agricultural products, name a thing that is not made of Chemicals?

Being a Chemical Engineer in itself is quite an accomplishment, but if you crave and desire to get more of it, then a Masters degree would fill in the blanks.

There are very good universities and colleges in India that offer post graduation degree and programs in Chemical Engineering , The IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), the IISs (Indian Institute of Science) are some of those very few names that have an invaluable reputation, second to none . But getting in these pristine universities and institutes , require high GATE scores which can be obtained only through the GATE (General Aptitude Test for Engineering) exams.

These exams are held annually during the month of January or February and the schedule has  never changed ever since it began in the year 1984.

Duration of the Paper:

GATE is a 3 hour examination, totaling to 100 marks.These exams are divided in two sections.
The first being General Aptitude
The second being Chemical Engineering(your Main Subject).

General Aptitude Style of Paper:

The General Aptitude  section has 10 questions, totaling up to 15 marks.
This section does contain the following  2 topics given below:-

(a)Numerical Ability:
Mainly comprising of sums and numericals   that usually involve highly tedious and complex computations and calculations.

(b)Verbal Ability:
Mainly consisting of English grammar and Composition, sentence construction and completion, instructions and word groups

Chemical Engineering Style of Paper:

Has 55 questions totaling to 85 marks

Duration and the nature of the Exam:

The time allotted for this examination is 3 hours. Chemical Engineering  is  an online examination, where the questions do appear on the  computer screen and the answers have to be chosen by the candidate using  the mouse, the keyboard is however disabled. Working papers are  provided to the candidate  for rough work and numerical computations.

Course and Syllabus for Chemical Engineering  GATE 2015:

(a)Engineering Mathematics:
Calculus, Differential equations, Lineal Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Complex Variables, Numerical Methods

(b) Chemical Engineering:

Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Instrumentation and Process control, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Plant Design, Chemical Technology, Fluid Mechanics,  Thermodynamics, Mechanical Operations, Process Calculations.


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