GATE Preparation Tips for Civil Engineering

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GATE Preparation Tips for Civil Engineering:

The GATE Engineering Entrance Examination is one of the toughest Engineering Examinations which are being conducted in India on an annual basis. These entrance examinations comprise of 22 papers such as Engineering, Physics, Chemistry Etc.

Last year around 90,000 Candidates appeared for the Civil Engineering paper of the GATE Entrance Examinations, surely making this Engineering Stream one of the most preferred Engineering Streams. Here is an exclusive article on GATE Preparation Tips for Civil Engineering:

(a)Start Early:

Always remember that “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”, here all the Candidates are supposed to know that the GATE Entrance Examinations are not some ordinary University Examinations that can be taken casually or taken for granted.

At least a good time period would be required for a wholesome and complete study together with some serious practice and revision. Thus at least 6 months would be sufficient time to start your GATE Preparations.

(b)Check and Verify your Syllabus:

Most important for all the Candidates, is to check and verify your syllabus before all of you immerse and bury yourself with your examination preparations. As of these days there are plenty of Educational Websites such as that of where you could easy avail the Detailed Syllabus and Course Content for the Examination.

(c)Prepare and Plan A Studying Strategy:

It is very important to Break Up, Categorize and Bifurcate the Study Material into proportionate sectors, since this would surely take the load off your Chest and simultaneously ease of the Steam a bit. So a good study strategy would surely help you in the long way to come.

(d)Study for Shorter Periods, but Study Everyday:

Always remember that “Slow and Steady wins the Race” and this also could be a successful application for your GATE 2015 Study Preparations. Make sure that you study for comparatively lesser periods but study Everyday. This would enable you to complete your Syllabus in time and also take of the pressure the never Ending Syllabus.

(e)Crystal Clear Fundamentals:

Knowing the Complexity of the nature of the GATE Engineering Entrance Examinations, it would be highly advisable to all the Candidates to make sure that they have all their Concepts and Fundamentals clear. The nature of questions that have been asked in the previous year examination itself have being pointing towards this fact. So make sure your fundamentals are Quite Clear

(f)Important Topics:

All Chapters are important but there are some topics that are given great significance and are asked time and now, some of them are Fluid Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Laminar Turbulent Flow; Pipe Flow; Open channel Flow; Hydraulics; Highway Engineering; Traffic Engineering; Theory of Structures; Strength of Materials; Design of RC and Steel Structures; Soil Mechanics; Foundation Design; Concrete Technology Etc.

(g)Revise, Revise and Re-Revise:

All the Candidates are required to know that even after you complete with your Syllabus, don’t leave it that way keep constant touch by revising, practicing mock test, exercises and the Previous Years Question Papers.





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