GATE or JEE: Which one is Better?

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Big Question, isn’t it? i am sure that most of those parents who are engineers would know about this. But all those having a commercial background, with their children aspiring to be engineers would surely be in a dilemma, as to which is better? So this is an article dedicated to all those concerned and loving parents, who are spend sleepless night not knowing whom to approach? or how to approach? or where to approach?

Well firstly i would like to make a clear distinction between both these exams, although both are are held on nationwide basis, annually. GATE stands for General Aptitude for Engineers, and JEE stands for Joint Entrance Exams and as already mentioned previously, both are entrance examinations.

But there is a difference between the both, JEE is for the purpose of securing admissions for Graduate Level programs and courses, while GATE is for the purpose of securing admissions to the Post Graduate level Programs.

JEE, Joint Entrance Exams:

Initially, these were called IIT-JEE, because they were held only by the IITs for the purpose of securing admission in Graduation level courses and programs, offered by the IITs.But now ever since 2012, this exam has undergone a major transformation and the JEE has become a common entrance exam, that is held in place of the the IIT-JEE and the AIEEE. This allows the students to opt for many other colleges and not just the IITs.

The JEE is conducted in two parts: (1) Mains and (2) Advanced

(a) Mains: JEE Mains is conducted for offering admissions to the IIITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology), the NIT (National institute of Technology) and several other State Government and Central Government financed institutions.

Nature and Pattern of the Paper: There are two papers for JEE Mains, these being the following.
Paper 1: for admissions to B.E. and B.Tech Courses (both offline and online mode)
Paper 2: for admission to B.Arch and B.Planning Courses (only offline mode)

Please refer to our website , for extensive and detailed information about the syllabus of these exams. You could also find out more about other courses that could kindle interest in you.

(2) JEE Advanced:

JEE Advanced is held only for the purpose of admission to the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and the ISM (Indian School of Mines). Only those students who have cleared the JEE Mains, have secured a merit, as well as being toppers in their 12th boards are eligible to appear in the JEE Advanced.

GATE, General Aptitude Test for Engineering:

I am not in a position to pen down GATE in detail but please refer our website for in depth, precise and wholesome information on GATE.

Also please feel free to write back to us for any queries or comments.

Thank you for your valuable time.

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