GATE 2015 Syllabus

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Clearing the General Aptitude Test for Engineering Examinations is like a dream come true for every Engineering Graduate and preparing for this is literally not less than a Nightmare, that too one that would last not less than four to six months. The nature of the GATE Examination is completely competitive in Nature and this is an Engineering Entrance Examination for admission to Public and Central Universities and Colleges in India.

The GATE examinations are conducted annually on a Nationwide Basis and this is probably done in the Month of January and February. The forthcoming GATE 2015 Examinations will be held too on the Coming months of January to February 2015. It is very important to know about the syllabus pattern in order to prepare well & score high marks in the GATE examination. Syllabus provides an overall idea to the candidates so as to what all topics should be prepared well for the examination. Let us have a look at the GATE 2015 Syllabus.

GATE 2015 Syllabus

Candidates please have a closer look at the GATE 2015 Syllabus in order to prepare well for the exam.

  1. GATE 2015 Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus
  2. GATE 2015 Physics Syllabus
  3. GATE 2015 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
  4. GATE 2015 Life Sciences Syllabus
  5. GATE 2015 Engineering Science Syllabus
  6. GATE 2015: Production and Industrial Engineering Syllabus
  7. GATE 2015 Textile Engineering and Fibre Science Syllabus
  8. GATE 2015 Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
  9. GATE 2015 Ecology and Evolution Syllabus
  10. GATE 2015 Electrical Engineering Syllabus
  11. GATE 2015 Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus
  12. GATE 2015 Computer Science and Information Technology Syllabus
  13. GATE 2015 Chemistry Syllabus
  14. GATE 2015 Civil Engineering Syllabus
  15. GATE 2015 Chemical Engineering Syllabus
  16. GATE 2015 Biotechnology Syllabus
  17. GATE 2015 Architecture and Planning Syllabus
  18. GATE 2015 Agricultural Engineering Syllabus
  19. GATE 2015 Aerospace Engineering Syllabus
  20. Zoology Syllabus for GATE 2015 Examinations
  21. Thermodynamics Syllabus for GATE 2015 Examinations
  22. Solids Mechanics Syllabus for GATE 2015 Examinations

Candidates are advised to go through the above recommended syllabus for various subjects of GATE 2015 entrance examination. Please write down to us if you face any problem or need any sort of suggestions. All the Best 🙂

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