GATE 2015 Eligibility Criteria

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GATE 2015 Eligibility Criteria:

GATE, the Acronym  stands for the General Aptitude Test for Engineers.

GATE Examinations:

The General Aptitude Test for Engineers, is an Engineering Entrance Examination, which is conducted and convened for the purpose of admitting all Engineering Students and Candidates to the Post Graduate Degrees in Engineering.

The GATE Engineering Entrance Examination is conducted throughout India at various centers, Educational Institutions, Colleges and Universities.  The GATE exams are held once in a year, most probably in the month of February.

The results of the GATE Engineering Entrance Examinations are usually known as the GATE Scores. The GATE Scores are always in the form of All India Rank. These GATE Scores were valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the GATE Exams. But a new amendment it has been declared that from the Year 2015 all GATE Scores will be valid for period of 3 years from the date of the examination.

Eligibility Criteria for GATE 2015:

The following is the Eligibility Criteria for GATE 2015 Engineering Entrance Examinations, mentioned below:-

-All Candidates/Students should hold Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture/Engineering/Technology (i.e 10+2+4 pattern).
-Also all Candidates/Students who are in their final year in the above mentioned programs & Courses, are eligible to Appear and Write for the GATE Exams.
-All Candidates/Students who are Passed Out/Holding a Master’s Degree in any Branches of Science, such as Computer Applications/Mathematics/Science/Statistics or any equivalent programs/Courses are eligible. Even Candidates/ Students who are in their final year are Eligible to Appear/Write the GATE Exams.
-Also all Candidates/Students who are in the 2nd or Higher Year of the Four- year Integrated Master’s Degree programs in Engineering/Technology, are Eligible.
-All Candidates/Students who are in the 4th year or any Higher Year of the Five-Year integrated Master’s Degree or Dual Degree in Engineering/Technology, are Eligible.
-Also, all Candidates holding/Qualified Degrees from exams conducted by AICTE, AMIE, AMICE, iCE, UPSC are also Eligible to Apply.

Date of the GATE 2015 Exams:

The Upcoming GATE 2015 Engineering Exams will be conducted between 31st January 2015 till the 14th February 2015.

Timings for the GATE 2015 Exams:

The GATE 2015 Exams will be conducted between 9.00 AM – 12.00 Noon and from 14.00 PM to 17.00 PM.


-All the GATE 2015 Examinations will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.
-Also all Candidates/Students who are in their Final Year of the Programs/Courses Mentioned Above are required to submit a Certificate from the College/University Principle/Dean certifying the Same.

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