GATE 2015: Chemical Engineering

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Chemicals? can you imagine your world without it? just take a look around your self, just a quick sneak peak, you come across so many things such as your Cellphone,  your laptop etc. Just imagine, can all these be present without the absence of chemicals? In today’s world, can anything be created in isolation without the use of chemicals? Even agricultural output on a very large scale, cannot be attained without using fertilizers.

Thus after marinating on the above, how about playing it large in this field of engineering? by not only graduating in this field but also getting a Masters. Now this is only for those whose crave and desire for engineering never comes to a halt and always on the prowl, looking out for more.

Chemical engineering is one of the many sub types of engineering that involves 2 different elements chemical and engineering, thus its at an advance level compared to basic chemistry. Chemistry usually deals with the managing chemicals, producing a new one by several combinations, but Chemical engineering is a branch of Engineering involving chemicals.

Chemical engineering  primarily deals with the mapping, layout , construction and the operation of the plant and the machinery that perform several processes so as to create a new product or improve its utility as well as to solve various technical issues that evolve in time.

So still the basic question still remains unanswered, that what do chemical engineers do? First of all one should understand that all chemicals engineers are engineers in the first place who apply the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and mathematics on a day to day basis to create new products, processes.

India has some of the finest universities and the best institutes that are really reputed all over, but getting in them is like biting a bullet. These priceless institutions will only admit on merit, which is based upon good GATE scores i.e. General Aptitude Test for Engineering.

This high profile exam is held every year in the month of January and February, and is spread over a fortnight. The next GATE 2015 will be held from 31st January 2015 to 15th February 2015. Below given are  the details that would be fruitful to all who aspire to become Masters in Engineering.

GATE 2015:

This exam is divided in two sections (a) General Aptitude Test (b) Chemical engineering.

(a) General Aptitude Test: There is no such specific or to the point course or syllabus. The following link given would assist you as to what is the pattern of paper.

(b) Chemical Engineering: The pattern and the style of paper is listed below in the following link

We hope the above information would help all the post graduate aspirants, we would appreciate any suggestions or feedback from your side.

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