How to find your Dream Career

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How to find your Dream Career

As a child one must have come across this question as “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You must have given a different answer every time you were being asked as in, firefighter, astronaut, actor, lawyer, reporter,doctor..& the list is endless. With changing times, your interests might have changed probably. This way finding a right career for you might be difficult but not impossible.

One can ask a simple question to oneself, “What would I do to make myself happy?”¬†One needs to figure out what exactly makes you happy, the components relating to your career. Start realizing what attracts you to that career & along with you are you able to spread that happiness among others?

When one is aspiring for any career, make sure to do a detailed research about the same. Be well acquainted with its resources & their availability. One must know what are the downsides of the job are.

If you are really in a job that completes you and makes you happy, getting rich off of it really wont matter to you. Thus focus on your job which provides you similar feelings to what makes you happy.

Figure out the area where you really excel. Not just any other thing where you do okay but something where you do it better than majority of other people. One may not enjoy it too much, but the fact is that, one often can’t get good at something unless one enjoys it on at least certain level.

One can also think of monetizing your own hobbies. Utilize your hobby in a more innovative way & make the most of it.

Take up an online job test or take up a round at local career center & get advice from professionals. Talk to professionals & take their advice regarding your career path.

Look down at your educational background & try to understand if it is sufficient enough or one needs to acquire some what more education in order to meet the career requirements. Many scholarships, apprenticeships & internships are available in that regard.

Try to develop & generate more & more contacts. Meet the right people & volunteer with their organizations & mark your name so as to create a good impression.

Visiting job fairs is certainly a god idea to consider, or search the internet & finally visiting the companies. Finally get as many good references as you can.

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