An Explanation to the Concept of Dynamics

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An Explanation to the Concept of Dynamics

Dynamics is a very important and mandatory topic for the entire field of Engineering, and comes as a must for Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and also Civil Engineering. So here is an article written exclusively for not only for our Engineering Graduates who are pursuing their Engineering in various streams such as Mechanical, Electrical and Automobile but also for those who are aspiring to opt for Engineering in the future.

Dynamics: I am quite sure that we all have come across this dynamic word “Dynamics” either in some form or the other such as Dynamic, Thermodynamics, molecular Dynamics etc. but what is the meaning of the word Dynamics in Engineering.

Explanation to Dynamics: Dynamics is a branch of Physics, (to be specific) and not exclusively a branch of Engineering. The concept of Dynamics is relative to motion and specifically deals with the “Causes of Motion and the reason in the changes in the Motion for any object or body”. Thus Dynamics is the study and the mathematical analysis of the motion and the movement of any body or object.

To put it in another words “Dynamics”, which is a branch of physics specifically deals with the study of the torques and the forces that have an effect on the motion of any object or any Body. The invention and discovery of dynamics should actually be credited to Sir Isaac Newton, who actually first defined and explained the fundamental laws of physics, especially his second law of motion.

Mostly Engineers and Researches from the field of dynamics, analyse and study the causes that lead to the formation of a physical system which develops over a period of time. For this purpose they primarily refer to Sir Isaac Newtons three laws of motion, since they all are inter related to each other.

Types of Dynamics: there are basically two types of Dynamics the first being Linear Dynamics and the Second is Rotational Dynamics.

Linear Dynamics: it refers to bodies or objects that are moving in a line and includes other attributes such as Mass, Inertia, Force, displacement, Velocity etc. this being completely opposite to the concept of Rotational Dynamics.

Rotational Dynamics: this concept as already mentioned above is completely opposite to linear Dynamics. Rotational Dynamics is relative to objects and bodies that are either moving or rotating in a curved direction or path and involve attributes such as angular velocity, angular direction, angular momentum, moment of inertia etc.

The above article was just a brief explanation to the concept of “Dynamics” in the field of Engineering , please refer to our website for more and all information on Engineering Universities, Engineering Colleges, Engineering Entrance Examinations and syllabus for Engineering Exams and Programs.


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