Enhancing the professional Beautician in You

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“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it-Confucius” ; as the saying goes; A beautician is a person who specializes in making clients feel beautiful within & out by providing services such as hair styling, hair cutting, coloring, massage therapy & recommending various beauty products to the clients.

Career as a beautician is one of the most dynamic career one can ever have. The beauty industry & cosmetology field undergoes many changes more often than most fields. To further add to it, the development of new cosmetic products, new techniques & emerging trends have increased its use & popularity to a larger extent.

Working as a beautician is essentially a rewarding experience, but along with it, there are various aspects of the fields one needs to be careful about. Thus candidates with a pleasant personality, possessing gentleness, artistry, an eye for fashion, as well as accompanied by good communication & conversational skills , this is one of the apt career option for you.

Eligibility for beautician courses:

One must have completed 10+2 from a recognized University in order to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Cosmetic Technology.

Hair styling as an all together profession in itself:

Hair styling is considered as  a reputed profession , paying professionals hefty paychecks. Senior & experienced hair stylists are even guaranteed for advanced courses in hair styling at international academies.

Remuneration of a beautician:

The remuneration of any beautician is determined on the basis of quality service delivered by him/her apart from the skills/talent possessed by him/her. Along with that, the location of salon, competitive spirit & the number of services offered together are helpful in deciding the charges of a beautician.

A beginner can expect somewhere around Rs.5000/- to Rs.7000/- per month where as people garnered sound experience can charge as much as they can for the genuine services delivered.

A makeup professional in an advertising company can gather as much as Rs.2000/- to Rs.3000 per day while in a modelling assignment the charges are too high. A highly experienced & popular beautician can make Rs.30000/- to Rs. 40000/- per month.

The profession of a beautician is highly monkey making. One needs to be in constant touch with the up gradations, or improvements  & modifications made in the industry to exist in it.

Institutions providing beauty courses:

Given below are few of the reputed institutes imparting education in beauty courses.

  1. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi.
  2. National & Regional Vocational Training Institutes for Women
  3. Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi.
  4. Pivot Point Beauty School, New Delhi
  5. Shahnaz Hussain’s Woman’s World International Institute of Beauty, New Delhi

According one report, since 2003 Beauty industry has generated nearly 12% more revenue growth. There by, after completion of the professional course & training in beauty institute , one can choose to work in any of the leading beauty saloons/institutes or start a chain of your own beauty saloon range.

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