eLitmus Score Percentile

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eLitmus Score Percentile:

eLitmus Test, also sometimes known as the “pH Test” is an Aptitude test, which is conducted nationwide all over the cities of India. The eLitmus Test is a kind of benchmark or threshold which is used to measure the several aspects of the candidates potential and capabilities.

The eLitmus test proves to be of great assistance to those candidates who appear and take up the test because it allows them to seek and find great job openings. The eLitmus test scores portrays the potential, skill and talent of the candidates which in turn allow large scale multinationals to pick up their choice & preference of fresh graduates for entry level positions.

The eLitmus Test / pH Test scores are declared to all the candidates after 18 days of the conclusion of the eLitmus Test / pH Test. The candidate’s eLitmus scores are valid for a period of 2 years from the declaration of the eLitmus Score / Results.

All Candidates can use these eLitmus Scores to seek and find fresh job openings both Nationally and Globally. Candidates can use these eLitmus Score for new job opportunities in several sectors namely: Automobile sector, Manufacturing & production sectors, Information Technology etc.

eLitmus Score Percentile:

This section of the article “eLitmus Score Percentile”  has been specifically and exclusively written for all those candidates who are intending to appear for the eLitmus Test and want to know about the “eLitmus Score Percentile”

The eLitmus Test Scores / Results are always declared after a period of 18 days, from the conclusion of the eLitmus Test. The eLitmus Test Scores are always declared in the form of eLitmus Score Percentile, all the candidates should note the difference between eLitmus Score Percentile & Percentage, because there is a lot of difference between eLitmus Score Percentile & Percentage.

Here given below is the basic and simple explanation to the eLitmus Score Percentile:

Since the eLitmus Test / pH results will be declared in the format of “eLitmus Score Percentile” all candidates intending to appear for the test and those who have just taken their eLitmus Test / pH Test should note that there is a lot of difference between the eLitmus Score Percentile & Percentage.

What is eLitmus Score Percentile?

The eLitmus Test / pH Test comprises of about 3 sections namely: (i) Quantitative Section (ii) Verbal Section & (iii) Reasoning Section.

Suppose there are 100,000 candidates appearing for the eLitmus Test / pH Test and e.g. one candidate say Mr. X score 85% in one section of the pH test, this clearly indicates that 85% of the candidates have scored less than Mr. X in that section and 15% of the candidates have scored more than Mr. X.

Another explanation given below will clearly give you an idea as to “eLitmus Score Percentile”, here is a very simple and detailed explanation given below:

(i)Quantitative Section (comprising of 200 Marks):

  • 0 Marks Scored – 40 eLitmus Score Percentile
  • 0-10 Marks Scored – 50+ eLitmus Score Percentile
  • 0-20 Marks Scored – 60+ eLitmus Score Percentile
  • 0-30 Marks Scored – 70+ eLitmus Score Percentile
  • 0-40 Marks Scored – 85+ eLitmus Score Percentile

So the above given immediate example is just a rough idea for the explanation of eLitmus Score Percentile. The above article was written on “eLitmus Score Percentile” and we hope that our article proves of some assistance to all those confused between Percentile & Percentage.

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