eLitmus Score for Companies

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eLitmus Score for Companies:

The below mentioned article has been exclusively for “eLitmus Score for Companies” the article mentions the about the scope of the eLitmus Test /pH Test Scores, as well as the Hiring & Recruitment of the candidates through the eLitmus Scores.

The eLitmus Test / pH Test score are declared to all the candidates after 18 days of the conclusion of the eLitmus Test / pH Test. The candidate’s eLitmus scores are valid for a period of 2 years from the declaration of the eLitmus Score / Results.

The eLitmus test proves to be of great assistance to those candidates who appear and take up the test because it allows them to seek and find great job openings. The eLitmus test scores portray the potential, skill and talent of the candidates which in turn allow large scale multinationals to pick up their choice & preference of fresh graduates for entry level positions.

All Candidates can use these eLitmus Scores to seek and find fresh job openings both nationally and globally. Candidates can use these eLitmus Score for new job opportunities in several sectors namely: Automobile sector, Manufacturing & production sectors, Information Technology etc.

eLitmus Score for Companies:

There are previous instances where large scale corporations have being using the eLitmus Scores to Recruit and Employ fresh talent at entry level positions. Even in the past there are companies with big names such as Dell, General Electric who have been using the eLitmus / pH Test Scores.

However, all those candidates both who are intending to appear for the eLitmus / pH Test, as well as those who have already appeared and are waiting for their eLitmus / pH Scores should note that the eLitmus scores for Companies varies from companies to companies.

There is no assurance or guarantee as to what would be the cut off eLitmus Score for Companies or what is the minimum eLitmus Score for Candidates so as to get an appointment or call letter from the Recruiting companies.

All the candidates should note that the eLitmus score for companies is not fixed, as most of the companies shortlist and recruit candidates more on the basis of their qualification, skill and talents and not entirely on the basis of any fixed “eLitmus Score for Companies”

The “eLitmus Score for Companies” entirely depends upon the “eLitmus Artificial Intelligence System”, which uses complex algorithms to score and rank the eLitmus Score for Companies. Thus there are several chances that you might be ranked a higher eLitmus Score for Companies in Co A and may have lower eLitmus Score for Companies in another Co B.

Basic explanation for “eLitmus Score for Companies”:

The below mentioned example would give you a very clear and precise idea as to “eLitmus Score for Companies”:

  • Suppose Company X whose primary business activities comprise of “Research & Development” would shortlist a candidate e.g. Mr. A who has score exceptionally well in sections such as logical & algorithmic thinking etc
  • Another Company Y whose primary business activities is the service sector would shortlist and recruit a candidate whose has scored exceptionally well in sections such as that of English Communication, Sentence construction etc.
  • Thus there is no fixed Criteria for “eLitmus Score for Companies” the eLitmus scores are important; nonetheless the personal traits of the and the attributes of the candidate also work and contribute equally towards the shortlisting and recruitment of the candidate.

The above mentioned article has been exclusively for “eLitmus Score for Companies” the article has managed to cover important aspects of the eLitmus Test namely: eLitmus Score for Companies; Basic Explanation to eLitmus Score for Companies, scope of the eLitmus Score for Companies etc.

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