Effective ways to use negative feedback to give your career enough boost

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Effective ways to use negative feedback to give your career enough boostAny person comes up with the hope of getting any positive feedback from his/her sincere work as well as the efforts put in. But a negative comment here & there can demolish the mood of the person like anything. There is certainly a gap between how people see you & how you want your reputation to grow.

Targeted feedback gives one the insight, assessment and many more opportunities for self-improvement of a person. One is really positive & free-minded  while receiving positive feedback or comments, which is not the case with negative feedback. On the other hand, they are rather harmful & at times on personal front too. How to take the feedback when it is likely to strike on the nerve.

Following are the situations ,where in one is most likely to receive a negative feedback.

  • After travelling late for the job, one might respond to e-mails late at night.
    This might create an impression that the person didn’t care about the team’s issues. Priority issues might arise as well. Along with that, replying through short messages can state that you don’t have much to say on the topic or you don’t know much.
  • One may not be in the office much since his/her travel schedule had them traversing the country weekly.
    The mean while disconnection with the team mates can become a cause for change in priorities & challenges.
  • With every new product launches, one might become short-tempered towards the staff than usual.
  • Non delegation of work & working for extra hours as well as handling of responsibilities.
    It might create an impression that, the person is not collaborative enough. If they delegate more, his/her team can learn new skills & increase their perception as an executive material.

Feedback can be a tremendous gift in itself. It is true that we can’t possibly see ourselves the way others see us. It is really important to get the feedback from time to time from the target audience. How do we respond to it, lies in our personal front. Many persons feel they are at times “gut-kicked” on how others perceive them.

We have our own perception of being outgoing, authentic, inclusive, loving etc but when someone indicates that you have to work in order to build the brand, one can shatter our sense of self. Hereby take feedback as input & ensure that you are doing everything in order to leave a legacy you wished you wanted to.

Have you ever been surprised by the feedback you received? Do share with us 🙂

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