Doctorate in Engineering

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About Engineering:

If you visit our website you would see that I have written several articles on Engineering, be it the Engineering Disciplines, or the Engineering Entrance Examinations and even Engineering Universities and several others.

But still I have not been able to write an article on the “Doctorate of Engineering”, so here is an article to all those Genius who have already completed their Graduation and Post-Graduation but still just can’t get enough of it and are asking for more and more.

Doctorate in Engineering:

This is the level of Education that really sets up far apart from the common crowd of Engineering Graduates and Post Graduates. Ph.D. in Engineering or Doctorate in Engineering is usually pursued by all those who have already completed and passed out their Graduation and Post-Graduation in Engineering.

There are not only few Engineering Ph.D. Colleges in India that are offering several Ph.D. Programs and Courses in Engineering, but also very few Students and Candidates that opt for these after Post Graduation Program.

A Ph.D. in Engineering is really considered to be Elite, when it comes to the Academic World, it could be any be it Engineering, or Commerce or so much so even Arts. A person who has not only pursued his Ph.D. but also those who pursing theirs are always looked up by the others.

The reason why as to Ph.Ds. are considered to be a class within themselves is because on the very first occasion qualifying for the Engineering Entrance Examination are a Gigantic Task, almost similar to climbing Mt. Everest and that too without any proper equipment.

And even if you assume that you have cleared and Qualified for the Engineering Entrance Examinations then there are those 4 years of Academic Stress and Restlessness, just waiting to get a grip over you.

Another thing that really makes me respect these Ph.D.’s more and more is because of the level of knowledge that they are accorded with during their tryst with the Doctorate level Programs and Courses.

But I very very positive that most of all those who are reading my article would ask that why should we pursue a Ph.D. degree in Engineering? Getting a Degree or a Post Graduate Degree would be Sufficient? Don’t the Graduates and the Post Graduates get a Job?

Well for this I could only have one answer, please refer our website for further details and queries on the Scope and the Future of Ph.D. in Engineering. Also do not miss my next article on the Prospects of Doctorate Level Programs.

Also visit our website mentioned above for all detailed and in depth information on several aspects of Engineering, such as Colleges, Universities, Programs and Courses.


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