Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 10th Std

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 10th Std:

Engineering is a vast world which comprises of about several other sub streams and branches, very similar to our solar systems which comprises of several planets. There are indeed several branches and disciplines of Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering Etc.

But still one has to agree that amongst all these streams and disciplines of Engineering, it’s the Mechanical Engineering stream that indeed dominates the entire engineering world. It has been a proven fact that amongst all the streams of Engineer, the number of students that opt and prefer mechanical engineering is the highest.

Mechanical engineering as a branch and stream of Engineering is relative to machines and equipment’s, this stream of engineering completely deals with machinery. Thus the mechanical engineering is all about the study and the design and the innovation of newer and more efficient machinery and equipment’s according to the custom requirements or the need of the hour.

All those potential students and candidates who have an obsession and passion about mechanical engineering can immediately join the mechanical engineering course by pursuing the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

The Diploma course can be pursued after the completion of the 10th Std SSC board examination, provided the student or the Candidate has passed the Board Examination.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Course:

  • All the Candidates and the Students must have cleared the 10th Std SSC Board Examination, or any other equivalent examination.
  • The above mentioned Board Examination should have been recognised by an Educational Board in India.
  • The above mentioned Board examination should have been cleared with subjects namely that of English, Mathematics and Science.
  • All the candidates and students should secure at least 35% in aggregate in all the subjects.
  • All the Candidates and students are supposed to be at least of the age of 16.

Duration of the Diploma Course after 10th Std:

  • The duration of the Diploma course after the 10th Std is for 4 years.

What after the Diploma Course:

  • There are several options and alternatives that can be pursued by all the Diploma holders after they have completed their Diploma Course. The diploma holder could either pursue their higher studies by taking the lateral entry course for the completion of the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (B.E.) or the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology (B.Tech).
  • Another option that is available is to join some manufacturing and production industry and factory, so as to work an a technical engineering, or a supervisor.
  • But the best option would be to work in any automobile industry or the manufacturing sector, gain some experience and then you could always have your very own factory or manufacturing unit some day.

So if you think that this stream of engineering is in your blood and if you think that you are made for it then you should pursue your dream course.

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