Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 12th Std

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 12th Std:

Mechanical Engineering as one of the Streams of Engineering just seems to be one of the most wanted and most sort after streams and disciplines of Engineering, amongst all the other streams of Engineering.

The very fact that not in thousands but millions of students and candidates appear and opt for this stream of engineering in nationalized entrance examinations that are conducted across the Country, for e.g. GATE. is sufficient proof to state the popularity and the scope of Mechanical Engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering can be done and pursued both after the 10th and the 12th Std Board Examinations, however the below mentioned article has been specifically attributed to the Programs and Courses in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 12th Std

Eligibility for the Diploma Course:

  • All the Students and the Candidates who intend to pursue the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering have to pass out the 10+2 HSC Board Examinations or any other equivalent Examination.
  • The above mentioned examination should be recognised with any Educational Board in India.
  • The above mentioned examination should have been cleared with subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • All the Candidates and Students have to be at least of 18 years of age at the time of the Admissions.

Duration of the Diploma Course:

  • The duration of the Diploma Course is will be for 3 years after the 12th Std.

What after the Diploma Course:

  • After all the candidates and students have completed their Diploma course, they can always choose to pursue further studies, degrees and courses in Mechanical Engineering by appearing for the nationalized exams such as the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE)Etc.
  • Apart from the above all diploma holders can also get admission in the lateral entry scheme which is specifically designed for diploma holders to pursue their dream of becoming Engineering graduates.
  • All the Diploma holders can also get membership to the engineering institute such as that of the AMIE for pursuing their further Engineering Degrees.
  • Also all Diploma holders can opt to work in the Manufacturing sectors and industry in positions such as that of Technical Supervisors, Craftsman, Etc. thereby gaining some experience and then opening up your very own factory and industry.

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